Egg production equipment

Chicken egg production is currently one of the most popular and strongly sought-for sectors in the agricultural industry. Chicken eggs are among the most common foods worldwide. The market pull for chicken eggs is consistently growing, thus driving the demand for egg production equipment for poultry farms. TEXHA offers the state-of-art egg-production equipment scalable for any production volume.

Cage equipment for laying hen management is currently considered to be the gold standard of performance. The key benefit of battery cages is space-saving containment of hens in the multi-tier rows, where they lay eggs regularly and consistently. The cages are connected to the life support and egg collection system, while the hens are constantly monitored and supervised by the facility staff. Such farming methods are highly advantageous for business and are practiced worldwide.

New modern attitudes towards animal treatment by humans have driven development of new, more welfare-focused Cage Free livestock and poultry farming and containment methods. Some countries have introduced statutory restrictions and limitations on conventional caged farming, thus allowing only open enclosures and open cages with free-range options for chickens. Texha offers several cage-free solutions, namely Baltika-4 and EGGoist.

Baltika-4 is a multi-tier battery cage with feeding and drinking lines, open nests, egg-collection machinery and free-range interrow space. Each row is equipped with 2 litter-removal systems: litter-removal belt at every tier and dedicated scrapers for cleaning the floor underneath the equipment. The litter is automatically discahrged into vehicle for further disposal or processing.
EGGoist is a multi-level facility with laying hen management equipment based on the slatted-floor technology. The poultry houses are arranged at every level as an enclosed aviary with shaded nests, feeding, drinking and litter-removal systems. The deep-litter farming option is also supported, where applicable.

All egg farm equipment is supplemented with the EggStream automated egg collection and handling system. From the nests, the eggs arrive at the broad egg collection belt and are carried by the conveyors to the grading table for further processing, grading and packing into trays or cartons. In case of breeder or grandparent flock, the eggs are sent to the incubaror station.

Texha offers designs, manufacture, delivery and installation of egg farm equipment. The washing machinery, grading machinery, detectors and packing lines for eggs by Nabel (Japan) are also available for sale.
Final price of the ultimate solution by TEXHA is calculated depending on specific project and equipment configuration.
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