Egg production equipment

Chicken egg production is currently one of the most popular and strongly sought-for sectors in the agricultural industry. Chicken eggs are among the most common foods worldwide. The market pull for chicken eggs is consistently growing, thus driving the demand for egg production equipment for poultry farms. TEXHA offers the state-of-art egg-production equipment scalable for any production volume.

Cage equipment for laying hen management is currently considered to be the gold standard of performance. The key benefit of battery cages is space-saving containment of hens in the multi-tier rows, where they lay eggs regularly and consistently. The cages are connected to the life support and egg collection system, while the hens are constantly monitored and supervised by the facility staff. Such farming methods are highly advantageous for business and are practiced worldwide.

New modern attitudes towards animal treatment by humans have driven development of new, more welfare-focused Cage Free livestock and poultry farming and containment methods. Some countries have introduced statutory restrictions and limitations on conventional caged farming, thus allowing only open enclosures and open cages with free-range options for chickens. Texha offers several cage-free solutions, namely Baltika-4 and EGGoist.

Baltika-4 is a multi-tier battery cage with feeding and drinking lines, open nests, egg-collection machinery and free-range interrow space. Each row is equipped with 2 litter-removal systems: litter-removal belt at every tier and dedicated scrapers for cleaning the floor underneath the equipment. The litter is automatically discahrged into vehicle for further disposal or processing.
EGGoist is a multi-level facility with laying hen management equipment based on the slatted-floor technology. The poultry houses are arranged at every level as an enclosed aviary with shaded nests, feeding, drinking and litter-removal systems. The deep-litter farming option is also supported, where applicable.

All egg farm equipment is supplemented with the EggStream automated egg collection and handling system. From the nests, the eggs arrive at the broad egg collection belt and are carried by the conveyors to the grading table for further processing, grading and packing into trays or cartons. In case of breeder or grandparent flock, the eggs are sent to the incubator station.



TEXHA offers its customers the installation services for both cage and cage-free poultry management equipment.

Our key competitive advantage is the highly qualified and competent engineers of our Installation Department  running its operations as TEXHA’s structural business unit.

TEXHA’s extensive expertise and experience in implementation of versatile installation projects globally enable us to successfully solve even the most complicated equipment assembly and mounting tasks.

TEXHA offers its customers to installation project arrangement options:

  1. Supervised installation, where we are responsible only for operational management and installation control; i.e. the installation project is managed and coordinated by TEXHA’s engineers, while the actual installation works are performed by the third-party personnel contracted by the customer.
  2. Full installation, where the entire installation project is organized and implemented by TEXHA’s team as a turnkey solution.

The equipment installation process includes the following steps:

  • Development of the general installation plan in compliance with applicable standards and requirements of technical documents;
  • Field visit of TEXHA’s engineer to the upcoming installation site in order to conduct preliminary audit of the facility and develop recommendations regarding the future preparation works.
  • Development of schedule of activities to be carried out by the installation service engineers at the facility. Approval of such schedule with the customer.
  • Actual performance of installation and pre-commissioning operations.
  • Facility commissioning.

TEXHA has an impressive record of successfully arranged and implemented installation projects in more than 30 countries globally with varying degrees of complexity, equipment configurations and climatic conditions.

TEXHA is committed to complete the equipment installation within the minimum period of time in strict compliance with consistently high workmanship and quality standards.

TEXHA provides warranty for any works performed by its installation service engineers.

Warranty and post-warranty maintenance

TEXHA offers the after-sale services for any equipment of its own design and manufacturing.

TEXHA’s repair and maintenance services ensure prolonged and reliable operation of the equipment. Our Maintenance Department engineers will readily help you to prevent and avoid any failures of our solutions.

Our Maintenance Department offers both warranty and post-warranty repair and maintenance throughout the entire service life of the equipment.

In particular, the following services are available for our customers:

  • Equipment diagnostics
  • Repair operations and troubleshooting
  • Order of spare parts
  • Training of the customer’s technical personnel as part of the facility commissioning


  • TEXHA’s Maintenance Department employs only highly qualified and competent engineering specialists.
  • We use only high-quality materials supplied by leading manufacturers.
  • We are committed to offer the best possible solution for any operational problem.
  • Any works are performed within the minimum period of time.

TEXHA has built a comprehensive network of its own service centers and spare parts warehouses all over the world.

Technological Support

Technological center is TEXHA’s structural business unit responsible for veterinary and technological support of poultry farming processes.

The experts of our Technological Center offer the customers professional support and advice for efficient rearing and management of health poultry flocks.

TEXHA’s process engineers use the case-by-case approach for each project and each customer. In developing their recommendations, they consider a wide array of various factors, including, but not limited to cross breed of birds, flock productivity level and climatic conditions at the poultry farm location.

Our Technological Center offers the following services:

  • Calculation of the poultry flock size required in order to achieve the pre-defined meat and egg production volume.
  • Poultry feed ration planning.
  • Technological support at any stages of flock loading, rearing and management.
  • Advice and consulting regarding poultry growing and management.

TEXHA has an impressive record of successful projects in more than 30 countries. Our process engineers offer the customer professional support regardless of the poultry flock size, poultry management approach or climatic conditions.