EggStream egg collection system

EggStream egg collection system

The modern egg collection systems supplied by TEXHA will make poultry farming operations more efficient and profitable. TEXHA provides a comprehensive range of services related to egg collecting that can be applied to all varieties of poultry farm. Customers can take advantage of consultancy services to design and plan exactly the right systems for their business, and every installation comes with a full guarantee. That way, any problems can easily be dealt with during and after installation.

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TEXHA offers two different types of egg collection solutions: lift-based system and elevator-based system. Both systems ensure a highly reliable, accurate, and precise egg collection process.

Egg collection process automation ensures the following:

  • High process performance;
  • Reduced stress for birds;
  • Low egg damage rate;
  • Compliance with biological safety requirements;
  • Decreased labour intensity.

Lift-based egg collection system consists of the following:

  • Drive stations of lengthwise egg collection belts (one for each battery).
  • Lengthwise egg collection belts
  • Crosswise egg collection conveyor running between the levels;
  • Stacking table for manual egg grading

Lengthwise egg collection system operates on the level-by-level basis. The crosswise conveyor adjusted for specific battery level actuates the respective lengthwise belts, so the egg is transported to the conveyor. Then the egg moves along the inclined conveyor portion and arrives at the stacking table. When out of operation, the crosswise conveyor rests at the upper level in order to avoid interference with the personnel activities.

The lengthwise belts may operate at different speed rates. The speed rate is selected by the poultry farm personnel depending on the egg-laying performance of the flock and the crosswise conveyor utilization level.

In order to prevent egg contamination during handling at the egg collection belt, the equipment incorporates a dedicated lengthwise belt cleaning brush with the waste container.

The lift-based egg collection system may be integrated into the general egg-handling system of the poultry farm.

Outstanding features of the system:

  • Smooth adjustment of the egg collection speed rate
  • Easy and convenient maintenance
  • Precise mechanics
  • Delicate handling of product – i.e. the eggs

Elevator-based egg collection system is a high-performance full-fledged equipment, which allows simultaneous egg collection from all battery levels. Each battery requires installation of two elevator units. The elevator-based egg collection system may be integrated into the general egg-handling system of the poultry farm.

Use of the elevator-based system allows:

  • Simultaneous collection of eggs accumulated at any crosswise egg collection conveyor height level.
  • Transfer of eggs to any handling systems, receiving trays of grading and packing machines.

System advantages:

  • Simple and space-effective solution
  • Reduced labor intensity of the process
  • Economic benefits

Elevator-based system is recommended for use at the poultry farms with larger flocks, where the egg collection rate is a key contributing factor for overall performance, as well as at the facilities, which have implemented or intend to implement the integral egg handling system for entire poultry farm.

TEXHA also offers EggStream general egg collection system, which is used for conveying the eggs from the several poultry houses to the single warehouse.

Use of rod conveyors with varying capacity rate allows creation of the integral egg collection system, where the eggs are carried from all available poultry units to the warehouse facility for further grading and packing.

The rod conveyor system not only eliminates the need for use of motor vehicles in order to deliver the eggs to the warehouse, but also increases the egg preservation rate, since the rod mechanisms stack the eggs in the strictly predetermined order. This solution also helps to avoid additional activities, such as packing of eggs into trays, boxes and containers, loading and unloading operations, as well as stacking of eggs on the supplementary tables for feeding into grading machines. Elimination of such activities from the process results in decrease of the egg collection time and reduction of the product damage rate during production.

Application of the rotary systems and use of the hinged members in the rod conveyor designs make the egg handling system highly versatile and compatible with all known poultry farm arrangement configurations.

Availability of the interim drive units provides the means for egg collection system extension to cover the larger distances.

Extra options for egg collection system:

  • Installation of stacking table for receipt of the eggs from any handling systems and supply to the grading machine.
  • Installation of egg counters.
EggStream egg collection system - photo 2
EggStream egg collection system - photo 3
EggStream egg collection system - photo 4
EggStream egg collection system - photo 5
EggStream egg collection system - photo 4
EggStream egg collection system - photo 5
EggStream egg collection system - photo 4
EggStream egg collection system - photo 5
EggStream egg collection system - photo 4
EggStream egg collection system - photo 5


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