Broiler meat production equipment

TEXHA is focused on design and manufacture of industrial fully motorized and partially or fully-fledged automated broiler farming equipment on industrial scale. We offer several options of broiler meat production equipment suitable for any conditions and structure of poultry plant. Some of our solutions are also suitable for home chicken farming.
Battery cages are equipped with integrated feeding, drinking and litter removal systems managed either from a single control center, or individually for each row. Furthermore, the systems for several poultry houses can be integrated into a common larger network or can be operated in the autonomous mode. Chicken feeding lines include an automated feed distribution system connected to the external feed storage bin and running through each cage module. Depending on the equipment type, the cages may feature either bowl-type KoChiBo feedboxes or hopper feed distribution machinery. If the bowel-type feedboxes are used, the feed is supplied continuously through galvanized steel pipes with spiral (auger-type) conveyors until all feedboxes are full. In hopper-based solution, the feed is dispensed by the robotized system with centralized or manual control according to the pre-set schedule or as required. The water is supplied continuously through plastic pipes to the nipple drop drinkers with drop-catcher bowls. The litter removal system consists of polypropylene conveyor belt, crosswise conveyor belt and inclined discharge conveyor for litter discharge into the vehicle.
We offer two equipment options for floor-managed broilers: deep-litter and slatted-floor. Both options include an automated feeding and drinking system. In the slatted floor solution, no litter bedding is used, and the floors are made of steel or plastic mesh. Underneath the floor, the litter removal system is installed similar to the battery cage solution. The litter is automatically collected and removed from the facility for further discharge into the vehicle.
In addition to broiler framing equipment at flexible prices, TEXHA also offers installation and maintenance services. For larger poultry business, the company develops complex turnkey solutions, such as construction of poultry house building with integrated equipment for broiler meat production. Each project is developed according to the customer’s needs, local climatic conditions, legislative requirements and available infrastructure. Broiler farming equipment by TEXHA is the absolute best solution for any poultry business in any country of the world.