TEXHA POWER Affiliate Program

TEXHA actively develops its dealership network and invites more potential affiliates for cooperation.

Our affiliate program is based on mutual trust, transparency and win-win attitude, which helps us to efficiently combine   efforts and build a successful business together.

Today, TEXHA offers its affiliates to transform their business globally and be able to solve the most complicated industry-specific task, while creating even grater value for a customer.

ТЕХНА POWER opportunities for affiliates:

  • Business expansion to the growing global markets.
  • New sources of revenue.
  • High-quality products and reliable services for customers.
  • Participation in industry-specific events (exhibitions, conferences, forums, etc).
  • Receiving delegations from potential customers.
  • Provision of marketing materials for TEXHA’S products.

What are eligibility criteria for potential TEXHA POWER affiliates?

  • Relevant experience in the industrial poultry-farming field.
  • Commitment to active and stable work focused on achievement of specific results.
  • Commitment to compliance with the company’s corporate regulations and standards.

How to become ТЕХНА POWER affiliate?

  • In order to submit your request, you first need to complete the questionnaire.
  • Please, send the completed questionnaire to [email protected]

We will get back to you, if we are interested in cooperation or have any additional questions!

Download questionnaire