TEXHA — state-of-art poultry farming equipment

One of the leading manufacturers of poultry equipment globally
Designed and manufactured in-house

Cage equipment for poultry

Automation and robotization of production
High performance and profitability

State-of-art cage-free technologies

International quality management system
Compliance with international requirements and standards

TEXHA — state-of-art poultry farming equipment

TEXHA is one of the global leaders in the commercial poultry farming equipment market.

We offer both cage-based and cage free poultry equipment for broiler and laying hen management, including, but not limited to egg handling and grading systems, climate control solutions, feeding lines, litter removal, automated harvesting and flock depopulation facilities.

Our R&D department constantly works on developing new and improving existing poultry equipment for meat and egg producers.

Our industrial poultry equipment is manufactured at our own production site in full compliance with international requirements and product quality standards.
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