Cage equipment for broilers

TEXHA is focused on design and manufacturing of the state-of-art cage equipment for broilers. The cages are manufactured at our own production plant and are made of high-quality steel. The cage design enables construction of battery cage rows with 3 to 5 tiers. The broiler farming cages are equipped with everything necessary for comfortable living and consistent poultry growth. Each battery row tier is connected to the separate feeding line and two drinking lines.

Each cage block has a plate-type KoChiBo feedbox installed at the center of the cage with adjustable feed volume supply. Six-position adjustment device enables both the feedbox height adjustment and the feed volume adjustment to suit any cross breed and age of poultry ranging from young chicks to adult birds. The feedbox dimensions are perfectly fitted to match the number of birds contained in the cage block.

Two drinking lines run through the entire battery cage tier to ensure free access to water for all birds. Each cage block has 6 drop-type nipple drinkers with 360° rotation and plastic drop catchers.

The litter removal system ensures automated collection and removal of litter outside of the poultry hose facility. This efficiently prevents accumulation of ammonia and other harmful gases in the poultry house atmosphere, thus boosting the general flock health. Polypropylene litter removal belt is installed at every battery cage tier and is supplied as part of any TEXHA’s cage equipment configuration, including broiler cages, laying hen cages and multi-purpose pullet farming solutions. The similar system is also used in the slatted floor laying hen and broiler farming facilities. This processing solution is a distinctive feature of poultry floor management equipment by TEXHA. Automated litter and waste removal drives the cost effectiveness of several production processes and results in lower cost of the final product, i.e. the broiler meat.

Cage equipment for broiler farming is currently considered the most profitable solution for poultry business across the globe. Only a small percentage of poultry companies are using the deep-litter farming equipment for industrial chicken meat production. Although, in the United States and several EU countries, there are effective regulations that restrict the use of cage systems for broiler and laying hen farming. This is due to the modern livestock and poultry wellbeing requirements. Nevertheless, the cage equipment for broiler farming enables containment of more birds per area unit as compared to the slatted floor and deep-litter farming methods.
TEXHA’s cage equipment and installation services are available at any country globally. The company has a well-developed authorized dealer network around the world. For each customer, the design an individual solution and offer a flexible price depending on the local market conditions, regulatory framework, infrastructure and climatic conditions.