Pullet growing equipment

TEXHA supplies not only broiler farming, laying hen farming, breeder farming, and grandparent flock farming equipment, but also state-of-art machinery for pullet farming. All products are manufactured at their own factory and are certified according to the international quality standards. New and modified equipment is subjected to stringent testing at the research and development center. The manufacturing process is based on advanced modern technologies.
We offer both cage and Cage Free equipment for pullet farming.

JUNIOR pullet cages are equipped with all systems required for comfortable growing and rearing of chickens. Depending on the poultry plant conditions and requirements, installation of 3 – 6 tier high battery cage rows is possible. All systems are automated and can be controlled either from the common control center, or manually. Each cage has 2 drinking lines with 6 nipple drinkers. Pullet cages are also connected to the bin-based or chain-based feed distribution system. When the first option is used, the feed distribution hopper fills the feed tray according to the pre-programmed schedule. In the second case, the feed trays are connected into closed feed distribution circuits with a feed distribution chain conveyor. The choice of system depends on the flock size. Chain feed distribution enables efficient feed supply to a greater number of birds. Litter removal system with a polypropylene belt automatically cleans the battery cage from litter and removes the waste from the facility.

Cage-free Baltika Pullets equipment for pullet farming is a cage free technology with open cages, which combines the benefits of battery cages and floor management method. The birds are free to move between the rows, which simulates the farming conditions close to natural. The feeding system is based on closed feed supply circuits with chain conveyorы. Feed quantity and feed supply schedule depends on the age of birds. All cage and cage free solutions utilize a standard drinking system. In addition to the primary litter removal belt running at each tier, the plastic scrapers are installed beneath each row to clean the floor from litter.

Pullet farming process cycle prevents installation of pullet farming equipment and other poultry farming solutions (e.g. broiler farming, laying hen farming, breeder farming, grandparent farming, etc) at the same premises. TEXHA also offers construction of poultry plant buildings of any type for chicken farming. The building is made of pre-fabricated panels mounted on the structural steel frame. The structure is erected on the pre-arranged concrete foundation within the minimal timeframes possible.