Breeder Flock Equipment

Breeder flock is used for production of hatchable eggs used for further broiler or laying hen farming. Usually poultry farms purchase hatchable eggs or day-old chicks from various breeder farms. Significant portion of products has to be imported from foreign countries, which affects its value due to logistics and additional costs. Therefore, development of own breeder flock results in cost-saving and lower value of finished product – broiler meat or chicken eggs.

Broiler and hen breeder flock management equipment has some specific features different from conventional equipment for industrial poultry farming. The key difference is containment of both laying hens and roosters for insemination. There are cage and cage-free parent flock management options for hatchable egg production based on either natural or artificial breeding techniques.

TEXHA designs and manufactures both cage and cage-free parent flock management equipment to enable production of hatchable eggs for primary flock or pullet flock.

Breeder cages differ in size and number of birds per cage. In the joint housting option, the hens and the roosters are contained in a single cage based on a certain ratio. The cages are installed in several tiers to create the battery cage rows of required length. Since the hens and the rooster require different feed diets, the cages are connected to 2 separate feeding systems. The feedboxes for roosters and hens are mounted at the different height in such a manner, as to prevent the feed mixing and mutual access to both types of feed. The breeding as part of this solution proceeds naturally. The joint hosing method is used only for laying hen reeders, since it is unsuitable for broiler breeding for a number of reasons.

When the separate housing option is used, the roosters are contained in a separate cage, while the hens may be contained both in individual cages and in the larger cages for 5-6 birds. This solution uses separate feeding lines and artificial breeding methods. The plant employees collect the rooster seed stock and artificially inseminate the hens according to the effective schedule. Such breeder flock farming methods enable the maximum egg insemination rate and consistent hatchable egg production frequency. Such a solution is suitable for both broiler breeders and hen breeders.

Breeder flock floor management techniques satisfy the modern international poultry welfare requirements. This poultry farming method is becoming more and more popular in the poultry business. The birds are contained jointly in the enclosure with a slatted floor without organic litter bedding. The feeding and drinking systems ensure comfortable poultry access to feed and water. The litter falls on the litter removal belt and is discharged outside of the facility, single-tier shaded nests provide the hens with comfortable space for egg laying under conditions close to natural. EggStream egg collection system gently carries the eggs from the nests to the incubation station. All systems operate automatically and can be controlled either in a centralized manner or manually.

TEXHA products are properly certified. Each lot passes the quality checks documented in the relevant reports and records. The equipment is covered by warranty.