Cage-free equipment

TEXHA has more than 20 years of extensive experience in design and manufacturing of commercial poultry equipment on industrial scale. Our solutions are suitable for any cross-breeds and farming methods, including, but not limited to laying hen management, broiler farming, breeder stock and grandparent flock housing, and pullet rearing. Unlike more conventional cage solutions, our Cage Free Poultry Equipment complies with applicable international requirements towards humane poultry farming and ensures flock freedom from 5 most common problems:

  1. No more hunger or thirst;
  2. No more discomfort;
  3. No more injuries, disease and pain;
  4. No more restrictions on natural behavior;
  5. No more stress and fear.

Currently, 2 most common poultry farming methods in the industry are cage-based farming and slatted-floor farming.

Many farmers are well aware of how to farm chickens in cages, since this is the most widely used farming concept in the modern poultry industry. The birds are contained in the multi-level cage batteries and supplied with feed and water. Most processing systems in cage-based production are automated. However, recently many developed countries, including USA and EU states started to slowly shift away from the cage-based farming methods. Broiler cages system and other cage-based solutions become less profitable, since many governments introduce more and more restrictions on “cage” products import and distribution.

Напольное оборудование Cage Free
Cage Free Poultry Equipment by TEXHA
What is Cage Free Poultry Equipment by TEXHA?

In order to understand how the state-of-art poultry farm equipment works, just imagine the best cage-based and cage free poultry equipment combined into a single facility. The facility offers a combination of full motorization and partial automation of farming processing inherent for cage solutions and compliance with the humane farming requirements, being a hallmark of the cage-free technologies.

Cage Free Poultry Equipment is a large fenced poultry house with a slatted floor. Feeding and drinking lines are running throughout the entire poultry facility to supply each bird with sufficient quantities of feed and water. Litter removal belt runs under the slatted floor to ensure automated litter collection and removal beyond the facility. Broiler solutions and laying hen solutions use different feeding systems to best suit the intended purpose. In addition, laying hen facilities are also equipped with shaded nests and EggStream egg collection system.


TEXHA offers a comprehensive turnkey solution for poultry farmers – Multifloor multilevel facility construction. Each level is occupied by cage free poultry equipment, including any essential processing systems. Single centralized HVAC system is used to maintain the desired microclimate conditions within the facility. Networks of sensors and instrumentation continuously logs and sends the data to the central controller unit to monitor the operation and status of all systems.
Multifloor concept offers multiple cost-saving opportunities from space and area saving to energy saving and reduced labor requirement.