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EggStream — Egg Collection System

TEXHA offers design and implementation of its proprietary EggStream egg collection and handling system. The egg collection and handling system is integrated into existing laying hen management equipment to automate the egg collection process and handling of eggs for grading, labeling and packing. The solution can be used both in laying hen farming or in breeder (parent and grandparent flock) farming for handling of eggs to the incubation shop.

Automated egg collection system improves the poultry business performance and profitability, TEXHA designs, manufactures and supplies the egg collection systems scalable to any poultry plant type. We also offer a full service package, including, but not limited to project design, equipment installation, setting and commissioning. EggStream is compatible with both cage and Cage Free laying hen management equipment.
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Egg Collection System for Battery Cages

There are two egg-collection system options available for battery cages: lift-type and elevator-type. The options differ by the method of egg handling between the tiers.

Lift Type

Lift-type system collects all the eggs at each tier and carriers them to the grading table via the inclined conveyor. Then, the lift moves to the next tier to repeat the process. A single lift simultaneously collects the eggs at all tiers and sends them to the grading table via inclined conveyor.

Elevator Type

Elevator-type system uses a different egg collection method, where the eggs are collected from all tiers simultaneously. At the end of each row, there is a finger elevator, which picks the eggs from the egg collection belt running through all battery cages. Then, the eggs are handled for grading by the common conveyor.

Each option has its inherent benefits. Elevator-type system enables faster egg collection, while the lift-based option requires less machinery and has lower cost. Both systems are compatible with laying hen management cage equipment by TEXHA. The conveyors are also compatible with other solutions, such as egg processing machinery by Nabel (Japan).

Egg Collection and Handling System for EGGoist

EggStream egg collection system can be integrated into EGGoist multi-floor facility — a poultry welfare-focused laying hen slatted floor management solution with spacious enclosures. This groundbreaking technology ensures the flock freedom from 5 of the most common issues and enables erection of poultry houses with 4 levels or less at the limited site area. The poultry house building is fully sealed, has an in-built climate control system and integrated feeding, drinking litter removal and egg collection facilities. EggStream egg collection system by TEXHA allows simultaneous collection of eggs from all building levels for further sending to the processing, grading and packing facilities.

Conveyor Lines

TEXHA’s egg collection system supports not only the egg collection and handling processes inside the facility, but also enables egg handling between the different poultry farm buildings. For example, the eggs can be collected from several poultry house blocks and carried to the separate egg grading or egg accumulation shop. Dedicated swivel couplings enable creation of the conveyor line corners and twists with significant conveyor elevation or incline angles.

EggStream system is inherently multi-purpose and can be also used for collection and handling of eggs from breeder (parent and grandparent flock) poultry houses to the incubation shop.

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