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EGGoist concept is a multi-level facility with the common life support and climate control systems, Each poultry house level represents the enclosed space, where the chickens may move freely, are supplied with sufficient feed and water and may lay eggs in the comfortable nests. This technology complies with the modern agricultural livestock and poultry welfare requirements. Laying hen nests simulate the natural shaded shelters, where the birds are feeling comfortable enough to lay eggs peacefully.

Multi-Tier Nest

Depending on the flock type, the nests for laying hens are installed in one or several tiers. Nests for breeder flock are arranged in one tier due to the higher breeder hen body weight and less poultry loading density. For laying hens, two-tier nests are usually used in order to provide sufficient access to nests for egg laying for all hens.

The nests feature inclined bottoms, by which the egg rolls to the egg collection belt beyond the hens’ reach. Thus, the eggs are protected from pecking by hens and contact with other poultry house elements, which ensures clean and undamaged product.
The bottoms are covered with artificial glass, simulating the natural bedding conditions.

Automated Nest Closing Mechanisms

Laying hen nests are closed with mesh shutters, which are normally opened twice a day. There are two available nest options different in their closing mechanism: the nests with lowered partitions and the nests with lifted bottom. In the first case, the metal mesh is slowly turning, so the bird may leave the nest freely. The process takes around 15 minutes, so the hen does not suffer any stress. The second option is based on the slow movement of the bottom with artificial glass. This process also takes up to 15 minutes. The inclined bottom feels uncomfortable for a hen, so it leaves the nest unassisted.

EGGoist Egg Collection System

The laying hen nests are equipped with the EGGoist egg-collection system. Perforated egg-collection belt runs across the entire nest tier length. The two-tier nests are equipped with 2 egg collection belts accordingly. From the egg collection belt, the eggs arrive at the finger-type elevator for handling between the levels. Then, all the eggs are collected at the rod conveyor and carried to the next egg processing stage: grading table, egg detector, packing machine or other machinery units depending on the plant configuration. The eggs also may be carried to other facilities, such as incubator stations, through the network of conveyors. Use of corners and swindle-type elements in the rod conveyor design make such egg handling systems equally suitable for any poultry plant regardless of the facility configuration and arrangement. This solution enables Позволяют создавать системы доставки яиц большой длины, до нескольких сотен метров.

EGGoist plant together with laying hen nests and EggStream egg collection system enable production of clean, integral eggs with minimum damage percentage.
All equipment supplied by TEXHA is covered by warranty. We also offer professional maintenance and follow-up at any project lifecycle stage from design to operation.

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