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Today, October 8th, the people around the globe are celebrating World Egg Day. This holiday has been traditionally celebrated on the first Friday of October for more than 25 years in a row. This event realtes to everyone who loves scrambled eggs, omelets, bakery and hundreds of other delicious meals, where the eggs are an ingredient. Given that chicken eggs are one of the most popular and sought-after foods in the world, this holiday is a good occasion to celebrate for almost everyone. In 1996, the delegates of the International Egg Commission in Vienna decided to create a new holiday for all those who love eggs and egg meals. Many countries supported this idea, and now World Egg Day has been celebrated for 25 years.

Wonder in the Eggshell

Currently there is no consensus about the health benefits of eggs. Some believe that this product is absolutely necessary for human diet, while others hold the opposite opinion. Only one thing is clear – eggs are extremely popular around the world and every year the demand for them is growing, and production is increasing. Eggs contain many useful and nutritious substances and a lot of protein. At the same time they have low calories and are easily digested by the body.

The eggs are one of the most nutrient-rich foods on the planet. The eggs are useful at any age from toddlers to senior adults.
Eggs contain 13 vitamins and minerals that satisfy the body’s nutritional needs. The nutrients contained in eggs help to support the natural immune system, accelerate growth and physical development of the body, and contribute to the development of the child’s brain.
Moreover, these valuable nutrients are protected by an excellent natural eggshell “package”. The eggs are environmentally sustainable, produced in almost every part of the world and are the most accessible source of natural protein of animal origin.
It is also important that eggs are an environmentally friendly product. They do not harm the nature and are easily recyclable without polluting the environment
World Egg Day Celebrations

Different countries celebrate this holiday in their unique special way. There is one single rule that is applied universally: you have to taste the eggs in any form: from simple boiled eggs and scrambles to complex dishes, whose recipes include eggs. Some countries hold big, loud celebrations that draw huge numbers of people to join the event. They arrange competitions, host discussions about the benefits of eggs, cook the giant scramble made of several thousand eggs, etc.

World Egg Day is a wonderful holiday that requires nothing but eggs. It is very easy to celebrate this holiday at home, since all you need to do is to cook the most delicious scramble in the world! And it’s really simple, because on this day, any egg meal is guaranteed to taste 100 times better.

Marry World Egg Day!