TEXHA Poultry Equipment at Meat&Poultry Industry Russia 2021 Moscow


TEXHA Poultry Equipment at Meat&Poultry Industry Russia 2021, Moscow. TEXHA Poultry Equipment displayed at Meat&Poultry Industry Russia 2021 International Trade Fair in Moscow.

Renown poultry farming equipment manufacturers finally gathered to share their best technological solutions. Unfortunately, quarantine restrictions due to global healthcare emergency significantly affected and limited the opportunities for arrangement of this kind of events, so this time exhibition was held on much smaller scale than last year. This is another reason why TEXHA participation in Meat&Poultry Industry Russia 2021 is so essential for the industry. The trade fair traditionally attracts the leading agricultural machinery manufacturers, food business companies and other agricultural market players.

TEXHA introduced its advanced developments and solutions from poultry farming equipment product range:

  • EGGoist: Laying Hens & Broilers — a concept of multi-level cage-free facility equipped with fully integrated and automated poultry farming equipment;
  • ROBOT — an automated poultry harvesting solution for cage-based facilities;
  • 6-level high cage battery with elevator egg-collection technology marketed under the name EggStream;
  • Cage equipment for separate broiler breeder management;
  • New cage equipment with extension type bottoms for pullet farming;
  • Heat-resisting polypropylene litter removal belt — our novel development;
  • HitFeed — improved feedbox solution with feed preservation feature for deep litter broiler farming.

In order to visualize its poultry farming equipment concept, TEXHA decided to showcase some of its operational solution samples and detailed EGGoist facility layout at Meat&Poultry Industry Russia 2021 Moscow.

The 4-level layout provided clear illustration of novel commercial poultry equipment performance. The layout was built-to-scale and recreated the actual poultry house equipment in extreme detail.

The existing poultry farm equipment operated in a normal mode and offered a live demonstration of its functions and features. The trade fair was also attended by the company’s process and design engineers, who were willing to share any additional details and information with the event visitors.

Meanwhile, ТЕХНА continues its close cooperation with Nabel (Japan) and has been authorized as the official dealer in the region. Nabel is generally recognized as the absolute best manufacturer of industrial egg grading and packing machinery. Nabel solutions are perfectly compatible with both TEXHA technologies and poultry equipment by other manufacturers. Japanese quality and modern technologies combine to best serve your business.

Link to the event page: https://www.viv.net/events/meat-poultry-industry-russia-2021-moscow

Компания TEXHA на Meat&Poultry
оборудование для птицеводства TEXHA_Meat&Poultry
TEXHA на Meat&Poultry оборудование для птицеводства
TEXHA_Meat&Poultry 2021_6
TEXHA on Meat&Poultry poultry equipment
equipment for poultry TEXHA на Meat&Poultry

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