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TEXHA ranks among TOP-5 global leading poultry equipment manufacturers. The equipment is suitable for both small farms and major poultry plants. The products comply with the modern international quality standard requirements. We use automated or partially robotized manufacturing machinery and facilities, and the high workmanship quality standards are achieved through use of the computerized process with minimal human involvement. Each product passes the strict quality inspection in compliance with technical documents. Our poultry equipment and components are available for order at TEXHA Online store. All products are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
TEXHA poultry eqiuipment

Goods and Services

TEXHA Online Store offers a range of goods and services for poultry business:

  1. Components for feeding and drinking systems.
  2. Climatic equipment.
  3. Components for litter removal systems.
  4. Grading, packing and other chicken egg production machines by Nabel.

On the website, you may find a short description of the complex solution we offer for poultry plant construction and retrofitting, as well as order the expert consultation by our manager.

Besides component procurement, you may also receive information about all types of the equipment available:

  1. Cage solutions for broiler farming and laying hen management: AUTOMAT, ROBOT, 3-to-1 systems;
  2. Cage-free laying hen farming systems: BALTIKA-2 and BALTIKA-4.
  3. Deep-litter farming systems.
  4. Integrated Multifloor poultry plants: MaxGrow for broiler meat production and EGGoist for chicken egg production.

You may also contact our sales manager for preliminary equipment supply and installation project quotation.

Litter Removal Belt

Litter removal belts are among the top sellers at the TEXHA Online Store. High-quality polypropylene litter removal belts are manufactured at our own facility. The product is compatible with poultry farming equipment by various manufacturers. The belt is supplied in reels of required length and width according to the customer’s needs. The belt thickness ranges between 1 and 1,5 mm depending on the system, where it is to be installed. Polypropylene has high strength, resilience and durability properties. The material is resistant to the aggressive environments and suitable for hot pressurized washing with the use of cleaning chemicals and disinfectants. The belt also shows remarkably low adhesion, so it can be cleaned of the litter with minimal efforts.
High-quality litter removal belts are crucial for maintaining proper hygienic conditions at the poultry plant, which positively affect the poultry health, thus boosting the business profitability.

Feeding and Drinking Systems

Components for Feeding Systems:

  • KoChiBo broiler feedbox assemblies.
  • Feeding line components: augers, spirals, feed distribution pipes, feed distribution gutter chains, etc.
  • Feed bins and hoppers.
  • Spare parts and other components.

Drinking system components:

  • Drinking pipes.
  • Nipple drinker, drop catchers.
  • Water meters, pressure regulators and sensors.
  • Medicators.
  • Spare parts, clamps, connectors, etc.

Climatic Equipment

Climate control equipment for poultry plants:

  • Heat generators: gas, diesel or electric options
  • Fans
  • Control systems and sensors
  • Cooling and evaporation equipment
  • Inflow and wall-mounted shutters, valves, air ducts, ventilation pipes
  • Driving units, motors, servomotor

Nabel Products

At TEXHA Online Store you may also order egg grading, labelling and packing machines, egg quality detectors, egg washing machines (for some regions), accumulator tables and packed egg handling equipment. All egg processing products are manufactured by Nabel (Japan), a global leader on the chicken egg processing machinery market.
Cage Free Poultry Equipment by TEXHA