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TEXHA has launched production and sales of the of hatching eggs and day-old broiler chicks produced at the own capacities. The Ross 308 breeder flock is farmed at the state-of-art EGGoist facility in spacious slatted-floor aviaries. The housing conditions meet international EU and US requirements for poultry wellbeing, which opens the opportunities to export the final product to European countries. The breeder stock consistently produces tens of thousands of eggs weekly, and our own in-house incubation facility supports regular supply of day-old chicks.

Sales of hatchable eggs and day-old chicks:

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Ross 308 Cross Breed

The Ross 308 cross breed is known worldwide for its versatility and stability under any broiler farming conditions. It is suitable for cage housing as well as for floor housing on bedding or mesh floors. One of the main advantages of Ross 308 is the possibility of raising broilers, not only at large industrial poultry facilities, but also at small poultry farms and individual households.

Ross 308 chickens show a high daily weight gain and a good level of feed conversion. A distinctive feature of this cross breed is a high rate of weight gain. The cross was bred specifically for broiler meat production using large game broiler breeds. So all unique features of this breed are aimed at increasing the meat component of the bird and high growth rates.


The torso of a bird is strong, with a chest protruding forward and well-developed thighs of great muscle mass. The bird’s skin is thin and flexible. Coloration of feathers is pure white without specks. Small head on short neck, yellow beak. Earrings and leaf-shaped comb of deep red color. The legs are sturdy, widely spaced, yellow in color.


Newborn chicks differ little from those of other breeds. After hatching, they have a mass of about 45 grams. The delicate yellow color of the down is completely replaced by a full white plumage within a month. They show an impressive growth rate of 55-60 grams per day. After 30 days only, the chicks reach the weight of 1.5 kg and can be slaughtered. The broilers are farmed during a period to 50-60 days, and by this time they usually reach a weight of 4-4.5 kg. Further housing is not economically feasible.
After slaughtering, about 75% of the carcass weight is suitable for consumption. The main meat part is the breast – up to 20-23%. Thigh reaches 12-13%, and shin is about 10% of the total weight.

Housing Conditions

The Ross 308 cross breed is very versatile and can be kept under different conditions at both large industrial farms and small domestic households.

The Ross 308 broilers can be farmed in cages, on deep litter or using the cage-free equipment. When the birds are kept in a cage, it is essential to prevent excessive crowding, which can cause stress and slow down weight gain.

It is believed that organoleptic meat values are higher in chickens that have the opportunity to walk and perform natural actions such as digging with their paws, spreading their wings, etc. Therefore, it is recommended to keep birds in spacious aviaries or to arrange walks or access to roosts. If kept on the floor, the deep-litter bedding should be kept clean, and the necessary measures for disease prevention should be taken.

Overall, the Ross 308 is a fairly unpretentious breed with a high rate of weight gain and performance. It shows excellent results both in the industrial environment, as well as at small poultry farms and individual households. This cross geed adapts well to different types of housing and shows stable results.

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