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To enable regular rotation of the industrial or parent flock, TEXHA has designed dedicated equipment for pullets. Similarly to other poultry equipment by ТЕХНА, these solutions support fully-fledged automated of all production processes. Customized projects are designed and calculated for each customer with consideration to unique needs, requirements and other contributing factors. Where applicable, the scope of supply may include additional systems and machines, including, but not limited to handling systems, climate control systems, feed storage and distribution bins, drinking and water supply systems, etc.

What Are the Pullets?

Pullets refer to the young generation of birds for periodic rotation of industrial or parent flocks. Maintenance of regular generation rotation is essential for poultry farms. Adult birds are substituted with younger ones in order to maintain the consistent business profitability. The pullet flock size and the suitable equipment type is determined based on the main flock size. The ratio of pullet chicks to the adult birds depends on the cross breed and, on the average, is around 1,4 chicks per adult bird for parent flock and 1,3 chicks per adult bird for hens.

What Are the Options of Pullet Farming Equipment?

TEXHA offers several options of poultry farming equipment: cage, Cage Free based on open cages, deep litter and slatted floor option are available. It is recommended to grow pullets using the same equipment type as utilized for main flock management. Thus, the birds suffer less stress and yield improved performance.

Battery cages

JUNIOR battery cages are the most popular and efficient equipment for pullet management. The chicks grow and develop in the multi-tier cage rows with integrated drinking, feeding and litter-removal systems. Modified bin-type feeders with adjustable feed supply quantity may be suited for chicks of different ages. Drinking lines with drop-type nipple drinkers supporting 360° rotation ensure consistent access to water. Dedicated slatted floor structure and small mesh cell size provides comfort and convenience for chicks.
This is highly efficient and time-proven technology.

Cage Free

BALTIKA PULLETS cage-free system incorporates open cages with free-range area between rows. Pullet chicks can freely move around all tiers of the battery cage and the floor of the interrow space. Drinking and feeding systems are located at the open cages and are adjustable depending on the age of the birds. Chain feed distribution system ensures access to fee for every chick at every battery tier. Litter-removal system is available in two different configurations: litter-removal belt at each tier and scrappers attached to the wire ropes for litter removal on the floor underneath the cage rows.

Deep-litter pullet farming equipment and the slatted floor pullet farming equipment is currently the most common option in USA and EU member states. It’s suitable for rotation of industrial and parent flock farmed in the deep litter equipment of the same type. Slatted floor technology is highly promising, but not yet widely used in the world. The slatted floor pullet farming equipment is currently tested at the TEXHA Research and Development Center.