News and ArticlesNoble Foods Has Introduced New Insurance Option For egg farmers


Noble Foods has launched a new insurance scheme for egg producers to protect them against bird flu and salmonella risks. This insurance policy will protect the poultry farming companies in case the disease situation worsens. New rules will become effective after July 1st, 2021. Egg producers and other poultry companies, who already purchased insurance policies, will be able to shift to a new system without any extra fees.

Currently, the bird flu situation in Europe remains rather acute, although not yet critical. In particular, in late May, the poultry farms located near the Dutch and Belgian border were forced to sacrifice dozens of thousands of birds due to outbreak threat. The disease spread was successfully curbed, although the possibility of new similar outbreaks cannot be ruled out.

Meanwhile, French Food and Agriculture Minister Julien Denormandie recently held a meeting with poultry business representatives in order to discuss the situation with HPAI (another bird flu strain). The key objective was to assess a potential for a new outbreak in the country, identify the major risks for farmers and poultry companies, and negotiate amounts of compensations payable to the farmer affected by the disease outbreak last winter.

Another major discussion topic was outbreak control and prevention measures for 2021-2022, including, but not limited to assessment of the total bird population at the poultry farms, vaccination opportunities and disease spread management activities.

Source: Poultry World

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страхование птицеферм от avian-influenza