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TEXHA manufactures polypropylene litter removal belts for cage equipment used in poultry business and for slatted floor broiler and laying hen management solutions. The equipment is manufactured of high-quality materials using their own production facilities. The litter removal belt is compatible both with any poultry equipment manufactured by TEXHA and with solutions by other manufacturers.

Polypropylene litter removal belt is strong enough to withstand significant tensile stress, is highly resilient and resistant to high temperature. The belt is also chemically resistant to most organic solvents, alkali, acids and salts. It can be successfully operated in the aggressive environment and can be used for handling of aggressive materials. Thanks to low adhesion, the belt can be easily cleaned from various contaminants. It is highly wearproof and shows little to no deterioration over time.

The belt can be installed at the battery cage systems either by TEXHA, or by other manufacturers. Thanks to its properties, the belt enables fast and efficient removal of chicken litter from the facility and discharge into a vehicle through a handling system.

These belts are also used in the integrated EGGoist and MaxGrow solution – multi-level farming facilities for slatted floor poultry management without deep litter bedding. As part of these solutions, the belts are used for the similar purpose, i.e. for collection and removal of litter from the facility.

TEXHA’s production facility has implemented the international quality management system according to the standard ISO 9001:2015. Polypropylene litter removal belt by TEXHA satisfies the international quality standards applicable to the agricultural equipment. Each product lot is subjected to stringent testing and quality checks at the factory lab.

Полипропиленовая лента пометоудаления
Polypropylene Litter Removal Belt