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TEXHA Design Department has developed the JUNIOR-2 modified broiler cage based on the existing multi-purpose JUNIOR system. JUNIOR solution has a many-year history of supplies and operation at the various regions of the world with proven reliability and performance. Currently, it is popular among both small poultry businesses and large poultry plants thanks to its easy maintenance and relatively low cost. Based on the feedback from our customers, we implemented a number of modifications of cage design resulting in creation of the completely new equipment type. JUNIOR-2 modified broiler cage offers all advantages of the previous version, but also supports the semi-automated harvesting feature AUTOMAT.

JUNIOR-2 broiler cage is equipped with the integrated feeding, drinking and litter removal systems. The feeding system is available in two options at the discretion of the customer: chain-based system and bin-based system. In the first case, the feeding gutter is filled by the chain conveyor, which evenly distributes the feed along the entire battery cage row frontline. When the second option is used, the mobile feed hopper moves along the feeding gutter and evenly fills it.

Poultry harvesting proceeds with minimum staff involvement. The employees move the bottom of each cage, so the chicks arrive at the moving litter removal belt using the special Sirius harvesting table. Automaton of poultry handling from cage to the harvesting shop significantly reduces the time required for the unloading process. Moreover, the birds do not suffer stress, so the harvesting process does not result in any weight loss. The shifting bottoms also facilitate the cage washing and preparation for new flock loading.

JUNIOR-2 is based on the existing cage equipment with a many-year history of use in the various global regions. The system has proven itself as a simple, durable and reliable solution driving its popularity among both small farms and large industrial plants. Its appeal is also partially due to the relatively low cost. New modification has essentially similar design as JUNIOR with only addition of cage bottom mechanism, so the production cost is virtually unaffected.