News and ArticlesInternational Poultry Forum 2021 — Poultry Equipment Manufacturing, New Technologies and Trends


The largest Poultry Forum, the Broilers and Eggs, was held on June 15th, in Moscow. The Forum gathered the managers of more than 500 broiler and egg poultry farms, as well as other related companies, farming enterprises and businesses operating in poultry industry from Russia and CIS countries.

Participants shared their experience and discussed their business achievements. The Forum introduced new Internet portals for poultry farmers, where various feed supplements, vitamins, vaccines, poultry equipment, spare parts and other farming goods can be ordered. These resources also offered poultry expert consultations regarding chicken farming, optimal laying hen management, state-of-art poultry facility arrangement, variety of chicken cross-breeds for cage farming and other relevant field-related issues.

Presentation of Breeder Farming Poultry Equipment

TEXHA introduced its breeder and pullet poultry farming equipment. The market demand for such poultry machinery for breeder reproduction is consistently growing as expected. This is partially due to the new amendments of the Russian legislation on local content and global poultry industry trends. In particular, we presented our breeder cage facilities and new proprietary slatted floor breeder farming technologies within the framework of Multifloor concept.   

Multifloor is a groundbreaking technology combining the benefits of slatted floor and cage equipment. The birds are free to move around the slatted floor poultry house area, while ultimate automation and mechanization of feeding, drinking and litter-removal processes supports their living environment. Each poultry house occupies a separate level at the multilevel building with a common microclimate and ventilation system. Utilities arranged within the building enable centralized management of life support processes, including, but not limited to litter removal, temperature control, humidity and lighting adjustment.    

Currently, these facilities by TEXHA are already in operation in China and the USA. The technology is in demand and sparks the interest of multiple European companies. The major businesses especially appreciate the turn-key construction option.

As part of the Forum, the separate sessions dedicated to the commercial poultry and production technologies were arranged and attended by representatives of major poultry farming companies, poultry equipment manufacturers and poultry product suppliers. Global industry leaders and the Forum sponsors also delivered their presentations and reports.

The discussions covered  many highly relevant topics, including, but not limited to antibiotic-free poultry farming, biological safety at the poultry farms, bird flu, global and regional epizootic situation feed supplements, veterinary drugs, vaccines, agroholding businesses and certifications and other related matters.    

Another important point was use of the state-of-art digital technologies in the poultry farming, including, but not limited to:

  • neural network operation;
  • online performance monitoring,
  • process analysis for business profitability boosting,
  • enhanced rearing process control,
  • online cooperation with distribution networks and retailers;
  • digital technologies in poultry meat and egg supply chains.   

All these technologies are proactively implemented by the modern poultry farming companies and contribute significantly to the enterprise profitability and business performance improvement.