Production of equipment for poultry farms
Drinking system

Drinking system

Drinking system

   TEXHA offers reliable, effective and easy-to-work system of a watering. The aim of this system consists in supply of qualitative water in the quantity that is necessary for a bird. Besides, it is used for carrying out a medicinal watering.  

   The watering system in the equipment for the maintenance of laying hens includes:

– water treatment center;

– system of water distributing on batteries;

– watering lines on each level.

   Water treatment center has: filters, counters of water consumption, metering unit, locking fittings, manometers (at the request of the customer regulators of pressure of water can also be established);

   The filter provides water purification from mechanical impurities. The use of two filters which have been switched on in parallel through shutoff valves allows to pump water in watering system without shutdown for service of one of filter elements. 

   Manometers in the water treatment system established before the filter and after it allow to control pressure in system and to judge the capacity of filter elements.

   The counter of expenses allows to conduct an operating control of consumed water that in turn helps to carry out the analysis of a condition of a livestock. 

   To maintain an optimum pressure of water in watering lines at the request of the customer 2 mechanisms are used: these are water regulating tanks with the float-operated mechanism and regulators of pressure of membrane type.

   The water distributing systemin batteries is performed of plastic pipes made of a food material that prevents water pollution. The contact of water with metal parts is completely excluded after water treatment that allows to avoid water oxidation. 

   Watering lines in the cage equipment are placed in a middle part of the battery that provides access to drinking bowls for the birds from two adjacent cages. Thus the arrangement of nipples in back part of a cage forces a bird to leave a place of feeding to drink water and it provides each bird an access to the feeding trough. 

   Nipple drinking bowls are established on a plastic pipe of square section industrially that provides high quality of assembly and tightness of connection. 5.8 m long pipes are used in the system of a watering to reduce the number of connections.

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