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TEXHA welcomes guest from Tunisia

TEXHA welcomes guest from Tunisia

TEXHA, November 26-28, Hyderabad city, India

TEXHA welcomes guest from Tunisia

Soufiane Saddoud, our representative in North Africa, had visited TEXHA Central Office.  More details about this visit and cooperation with TEXHA in short interview:

Welcome once again! Sofien, what is the purpose of your visit this time?

I came to discuss various technical issues and to work together with the colleagues from TEXNA on creation of new proposals for our potential customers.

How long have you been working with TEXNA?

Our cooperation lasts from 2008. Today I am simultaneously by both sides: as a client and as the company's representative in North Africa.

From the point of view of these two positions, what can you say about TEXNA equipment?

TEXNA equipment is always up-to-date and effective, as it was created, taking into account the latest developments in this field and that is the most important the individual characteristics of certain poultry farms, on which it would be installed.

What key benefits of TEXNA you can highlight? 

Two the most important factors by which I have chosen to cooperate with TEXNA are: high-quality and cost rate and organized maintenance service system. Service Center located in Tunisia does not only ensure timely equipment preventive services, but also perform maintenance services. A few companies provide such services at such high professional level. Moreover, TEXNA specialists have unique skills and wide experience - customers see it and are appreciate.   

What more can show the reviews from other TEXNA clients?

As a representative, I am always contacting with customers and try to be aware of the situation. Poultry farmers in my region appreciate an individual attitude of the company to the specific requirements of the client. The promptness plays an important role in the positive reputation of TEXNA. Service Center staff in my country and in the Central Office are responding to the requests from poultry farms very quickly. 


What can you say about the prospects of poultry industry in Tunisia?

This industry is under development in my country. Now, many poultry farms use an obsolete equipment and their personnel has no necessary knowledge and skills to work with modernized equipment. Therefore, we are ready for improvements.

As TEXNA company is ready too. As I said, we are working on improvements. Now, for example, there takes place an active preparing for new spare parts store opening on the basis of the Service Center.  Perhaps the next step would be to expand the staff of the service. Today it serves the poultry farms not only in Tunisia but also in Libya, Morocco and Algeria.  TEXNA company is a strong player in the market of North Africa and, I think, in the near future its leading position would surely be strengthened.


Author: Alex Masterov

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