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TEXHA – the general sponsor of the ISPC in Sudak

TEXHA – the general sponsor of the ISPC in Sudak

International scientific-practical conference on the poultry industry, Sudak

TEXHA – the general sponsor of the ISPC in Sudak

  Traditionally, at the end of September, the TEXHA company took part in the annual International scientific-practical conference on the poultry industry, which has been held for the 9th time on the coast of the Black Sea in the town of Sudak. It is vital to note that this year the TEXHA company has appeared as the general sponsor of the event and had the most wide-scale presentation, confirming the unchanging leader status of the poultry equipment market.

  According to Director of Sales of TEXHA Oleg Omelchenko, as usual the program of the conference was interesting and rich, because it brings together the best Ukrainian and foreign professionals in the poultry industry. The scientific program of the conference was devoted to consideration of the key issues and challenges in all aspects of business and scientific activities in the poultry industry. Particularly, the head of Technology Center of TEXHA Vladimir Gurenko held the 1.5-hour seminar on "Modern technologies for raising and keeping birds ", and throughout the event specialists of the company conducted the master class "Benefits of TEXHA’s equipment".

–         It was a great opportunity for us to introduce the complete product line to partners and potential customers, to show our innovations and to discuss them, – says Oleg Omelchenko.

  Among the main goals of TEXHA at the event was to present innovations in the field of cage and floor equipment. In particular, guests could to see the work of equipment for growing broilers with fully automated unloading system – the innovative technology from the TEXHA company has no analogues in the world.

Another new product that deserved special attention was the floor equipment, which is completed with the unique feeder – the result of joint Ukrainian-Japanese project named KoChiBo.

– New developments of our company caused huge interest among the visitors of exhibition. We’ve managed to attract new clients from abroad and potential customers from Ukraine, – says Oleg Nikolaevich.

  According to Alexander Nadykto, the member of the Supervisory board of "PA TEXHA", thanks to constantly modernized and updated machineryof production capacities, implementation of innovative technologies, the TEXHA company not only moves with the times but always goes a step ahead. Consequently occupies one of leading positions among global manufacturers of the cage equipment for industrial poultry management. Alexander Borisovich is sure that the company can offer the best solutions for the poultry breeders of the whole world. And his words are confirmed by the producers which has already installed the equipment from TEXHA.

  One of the companies that work with TEXHA – JSC " Agricultural Complex " ( Russia , Krasnodar). Deputy Director of Enterprise Roman Efremov said that they are implementing a project to increase the livestock from 40 thousand tons of meat to 100 thousand tons. "We have 70 % of cage equipment , and 30% – floor. 50 % of the equipment at our poultry farms were installed by TEXHA", - says Roman Efremov. – We understand that in case of maintenance of birds in cages the cost value of production is much lower, therefore, of course, a cage is a priority. –Today we already have 21 sets from "TEXHA" on three poultry farms, respectively, and the production indicators are very good. Also we’re close to install the equipment with automatic unloading of broilers. This will allow to reduce human labor. Before that, we had bought the equipment in Minsk, but the service of TEXHA turned out to be the best. In comparison with the old cage, the equipment from "TEXHA" allowed us to cut the costs by half."

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