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SIPSA 2015 - TEXHA in Algeria

SIPSA 2015 - TEXHA in Algeria

SIPSA 2015 - TEXHA in Algeria

Recently, the TEXHA company returned from Algeria, where the exhibition Agro SIPSA 2015 was held. This is the major exhibition which includes a wide range of products, the latest tools and technological developments in the field of agriculture.

We became curious to know howit was marked for the TEXHA company.

Therefore we took a short interview with the director of export Anatoly Kubliy, one of the TEXHA representatives at the SIPSA 2015exhibition.

Anatoly, for many years TEXHA participated in the SIPSAexhibition. Tell me, please, what this exhibition year was different from previous exhibitions?

First of all it is ananniversary exhibition. SIPSA is 15 years old now! Secondly, the quality of the audience of the exhibition has grown significantly. If earlier there were the individual farmers and villagers with small size of orders, now there are large companieswith orders for large poultry houses and complexes.

Also, it should be noted that TEXHA stand was one of the best at the exhibition. Every year our company is exposed to a higher level.

What was the geography of visitors that attended the exhibition?

If we are talking about the visitors, then, basically, there were Algeria and neighboring countries. But the exhibitors were from completely different countries.

You said TEXHA stand was one of the best at the exhibition. Does it mean that it stood out among other participants and attracted the attention of a large number of visitors?

Of course, it was very popular. Moreover, we appeared in an eight-hour newscast on the first national channel!

This is really good! Do you have any more results?

I'll tell you this: we have achieved all the objectives pursued by any participant of the exhibition who taking part in it.

Thank you very much, Anatoly!

I hope we will soon be able to see the report from the SIPSA 2015exhibition, where the TEXHAcompany's stand appeared!

Author: Alex Masterov

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