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Manhattan for laying hens has sprung in Kazakhstan

Manhattan for laying hens has sprung in Kazakhstan

A high-tech elite skyscraper for poultry management was recently launched at "Zhas-Kanat 2006" poultry farm.

Manhattan for laying hens has sprung in Kazakhstan

A high-tech elite skyscraper for poultry management was recently launched at "Zhas-Kanat 2006" poultry farm. During the recent visit to the Central Office of ТЕХНА Production Association, director of the poultry farm, KairatMaishev, shared the prospects of producing one of the most dynamically developing egg production enterprises in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Now "Zhas-Kanat 2006" possesses the highest poultry house in Kazakhstan. Kairat, what was the motivating force of the decision to make such a large-scale expansion of production?

         – The Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan provides support to the agro-industrial complex, including the poultry industry. From the very beginning, "Zhas-Kanat 2006"steadily moves forward, increasing and improving its production. Availability of a reliable partner and government support suppose the opportune time for expansion.

What were the early stages of the production expansion?

         – At the very beginning, our enterprise had a laying stock of 40 thousand head. It was a poultry farm rather than a poultry plant. When after some time the question of expansion arose, we became interested in the possibility of increasing the volume of production in a small poultry house due to the height of the battery. And I want to proclaim proudly that we have stimulated our partner, TEXHA, to development in this area and to working out Manhattan for poultry. In 2012, we started a project on installation of a 10-tiered battery for industrial management of laying hens. Today "Zhas-Kanat 2006" produces more than half a million eggs a year. This is the largest figure among the enterprises in Kazakhstan.

What share of the internal market does your production occupy?

         – The total volume of production on the egg market of the Republic is 3.7 billion eggs. Today "Zhas-Kanat 2006" owns about 10% of the market. In 2015, we certainly can make a statement that 3 million is insufficient for us, and to increase our production to 6 million per year, and it will be 20%. However, I am not desirous of becoming a giant.

Are you planning to export? What foreign markets are of greatest interest to you?

        – Nowadays, we meet our internal needs in eggs in Kazakhstan. Refocusing on exports requires serious preparation. Therefore, only by the results of the year 2015, at reaching design capacity production, we will be able to make a decision whether we are ready to move to the markets of the neighboring countries, Asian, and possibly European states. If so, is it worth to continue producing eggs or to diversify our production. In Europe, for example, there is a strict requirement of humane poultry management. Therefore, if we arrive at the decision to export the production of "Zhas-Kanat 2006" to European countries, we will open a separate production facility. Equipped, among other things, with a system of alternative management of laying hens with the possibility of free-range. Everything depends on the consumer demands, and before offering your product, you need to carefully examine the needs and demands of the market. Nevertheless, of course, today my greatest desire is to reach the declared capacity and become an export-oriented enterprise.

You choose ТЕХНА equipment to expand your business. What aspects of cooperation with the company are crucial to you?

      – When communicating with colleagues and analysts, I often hear the question why I have chosen a particular supplier. We work with almost all global manufacturers of equipment for the poultry industry. Some are good at one aspect, but worse in another. Major characteristic is high quality, but it has different price. ТЕХНА Company, when offering products that are highly competitive in quality to European standards, conducts very flexible pricing policy. Cooperation with poultry plants in 24 countries around the world is certainly the indicator of the well-chosen course.

The second advantage is support and service. Installation of such massive equipment involves many technical and mechanical issues. The important factor is actually a timely response of the Company`s Technological Center and efficient logistics of spare parts. Furthermore, the Service Centre of the Company operates in Kazakhstan. The work of the Service Department is duly organized; the staff reacts with lightning speed.  In addition, TEXHA`s craving for modern technology appeals to me. It greatly contributes to the efficient conduct of business in various aspects. For example, today I am in ТЕХНА Central Office, but with the help of modern communication systems, we communicate with employees at production site and by joint efforts examine significant production issues immediately. It is the indicator of efficiency as well.

Finally, one of the most important aspects of cooperation is personal relationship. Some manufacturers, when selling 1-2 sets, eloquently suggest that they would not dismiss you if you order 100 sets. For the first time, we purchased TEXHA equipment for 90 thousand, and now – for 1.5 million mounting seats. The attitude towards "Zhas-Kanat 2006" has been and is equally good. Pricing policy and attentive attitude to every customer are as important in business as the other characteristics. Being a manufacturer, I am very impressed by the current course of ТЕХНА - a respectful attitude towards the customer and attention to his/her requests regardless of the number of products purchased. I am sure that poultry farm owners from any country, in which the company is already working, will agree with me.    


Author: Alex Masterov

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