Production of equipment for poultry farms
Dispatching office for customer service works  24/7

Dispatching office for customer service works 24/7

Dispatching office for customer service works 24/7

Together we can face any challenges!

Do you use the equipment of TEXHA Сompany and you have any urgent questions? At any time please contact our specialists for assistance.Their professional detailed consultation will help you eliminate troubles and successfully continue the work without stopping the production process.

If the consultation by phone or by e-mail is not enough, you can leave a request for the departure of service TEXHA SERVICE for your production.

The beginning of the work of the dispatching office TEXHA SERVICE is another step on the way of improving the quality of customer service, which is the priority of TEXHA Сompany in forming relations with customers.

TEXHA SERVICE is created to ensure uninterrupted operation of the installed equipment of TEXHA company.The specialists of the department repair and adjusting the life support systems of the house, make diagnostics and maintain equipment, carry out installation of egg transportation systems, produce solder of manure removaltape, and train the staff of the poultry farm to work with the equipment provided to avoid incorrect actions.

Please refer to our dispatching office:**

+380 44 377 5257

Viber:  +380 67 567 0793

Skype: texha.service5

Or write an e-mail:

Senior Dispatcher - Ihor Sorokin


**Calls are made according to the tariffs of your operator.



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