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AgroWorld Uzbekistan 2015

AgroWorld Uzbekistan 2015

AgroWorld Uzbekistan 2015

For several years the TEXHA company takes part in the AgroWorld Uzbekistan exhibition.

The year 2015 was not an exception.

«AgroWorld Uzbekistan 2015" is one of the largest international events. And the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Association of Farmers of Uzbekistan and other government agencies, associations and foreign embassies took the active part in preparing and conducting of this event.

The exhibition was held from 25th to 27th March 2015.

Then, recently Kyiv office was visited by the representatives of TEXHA in Uzbekistan.

Straholes Victor and Guliyev Fahriddin came to us straight from Tashkent. And of course we didn’t miss the opportunity to ask them in details about the results of the exhibition.

- Victor, you recently represented TEXHA company at the AgroWorld Uzbekistan exhibition, and the very first thing that we want to ask you is: how do you assess the attendance of the exhibition and, in particular, the stand of TEXHA?

- I can say for sure that attendance of the exhibition this year as in the past year was excellent. 90% of all visitors visited the stand of TEXHA. Some companies we already knew, and with some companies, we encountered for the first time. Very glad that new companies were interested in our equipment.

- Continuing your idea we would like to clarify: representatives of what countries visited the exhibition?

 - This year it was only Uzbekistan.

- You think its good or bad?

- Its neither good nor bad. The plus is that this fact allowed us to build closer relationships and gain new business contacts with customers directly from Uzbekistan.

- Fahriddin, what do you think, which trends are observed in the agricultural market of Uzbekistan?

- More than ever, the market of Uzbekistan needs a qualitative innovative equipment. In fact, just such kind of equipment we represent, so we can say that we are "in flow".

- Did TEXHA present some new equipment in poultry industry?

- This time - no. But nevertheless our equipment didn’t lose the demand.

- Victor, can you say with confidence that TEXHA has achieved the goals that were set for it, by being present at the exhibition.

- Of course. The main goals were image goals and work goals (meet with clients, as there were many participants besides us). With these two goals, I think, we managed for 100%.

- Which companies do you think are the main competitors for TEXHA company?

- All. All must be respected (laughs). If you specify, then the main competitors in cellular equipment today are the companies: Hellmann, Big Dutchman, Kutlusan and Big Herdsman.

- And you, Fahriddin, what are the results of the exhibition in your opinion?

- Everything is very simple. Working process is adjusted, all potential buyers visited all sellers, who were present at the show and now there is the negotiations process. "Who will persuade" operation begins. The exhibition gave us an opportunity to interact personally with the leadership of the leading manufacturers of the industry, and for the TEXHA company it is an opportunity to show itself in all its glory. Special thanks to the organizers of the exhibition, and we will certainly participate next year.

Author: Alex Masterov

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