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   No less no more 15 years have passed since a relatively small team of like-minded fellows gathered together and decided to act against all difficulties of national business and to prove, probably, firstly to themselves the efficacy of the golden rule - "fight and you will conquer!"

   Initially it was very important for the company to meet the high standards set by the recognized world leaders. TEXHA by its activity regularly destroys the myth that one cannot jump the above head. Against the backdrop of fading industry in early 2000s in Ukraine, the company managed not only to establish its own production, but also to develop it. The main factor contributing to the active growth and establishment of the company, was the correct application of intellectual resources, close attention to its staff, contribution to its professional development, the development of corporate responsibility. After the opening in its structure its own construction design office, TEXHA became not only a manufacturer, but also an innovative developer of advanced technical equipment.

   Never stop - this was unwritten rule which always guided the company's leaders. Therefore, quickly mastered production of the equipment for housing of laying hens, the control unit has set new ambitious plans: to organize the production of cages for growing of broilers. Poultry production in Ukraine is a special branch of agriculture, because it was able to pass all the economic troubles and shakes. But there was a necessity to reach a higher level of production of poultry products to meet the demand of domestic consumer. And for this purpose it was necessary to improve the quality of poultry farms. TEXHA took this mission and became one of the leading Ukrainian producers of equipment for poultry industry. It was important for the company to create such equipment, which would allow the owners of poultry farms to optimize the cost of production, to increase the product yield, to improve the quality, in short, to make the Ukrainian product fully consistent with the established standards and to let it compete with imported poultry meat and eggs.

   Ambitious management, reasonable commercial approach, professional feel have done their job: during one year the team of TEXNA has grown several times, the list of the company’s customers grew steadily, the volume of sales grew constantly.

   In 2004 TEXHA already kept feet firmly on the ground and took the plunge towards the export markets. The first external partners were the companies from CIS countries. It was Belarusian poultry factory, which TEXHA supplied with equipment for laying hens. Thanks to modern cage equipment, poultry farm managed in the short term to increase significantly its production and to become a leader of the region.

   The success of the export business was secured by entry into the markets of the Middle East, Caucasus and Central Asia.

   It was close cooperation with representatives of the poultry industry around the world which brought the company to the important decision about modernization of production. In 2007 TEXHA conducted a large-scale upgrade of its production facilities, which served prompted a qualitatively new stage of development of the company.

   Innovative equipment began to arrive from the updated factory lines of TEXHA in the poultry enterprises of the Baltic Countries, Central and Western Europe, Morocco, China, Saudi Arabia, Central and North America and Africa.

   TEXHA today is a large holding company, which makes a significant contribution into development of the agrarian sector, not only in Ukraine, but also in other countries of the world, which is evidenced by corresponding of the company. Service centers of the company operate in 7 countries. Dealer network has 16 offices in different countries, the equipment of the brand "TEXHA" is successfully used in 33 countries. The product line of TEXHA includes 36 models of cage equipment for all areas of poultry and alternative poultry systems as well as equipment for floor housing of broilers.

   For 15 years the company has managed to establish strong business relationship with the poultry farms of various focus, and to establish itself as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of high-quality equipment. Focus on the customer, goals, needs and possibilities of the customer helps the company with it.

   Today, as before, TEXNA makes great efforts to ensure that it not only keeps up with the time and needs of the market, but also in some way to go ahead of its demand by its innovative proposals, ie to be a step ahead.

   After five years of production TEXHA has opened a new direction - the production of the perimeter fence systems, which significantly deprived leadership from the similar imported products at the Ukrainian market.

   In 2015 TEXHA became the owner of the patent for its own development - robotic system of poultry unloading ROBOT.

   Active business position of the company includes continuous improvement of production, introduction of new technologies into the created equipment, revaluation of the achieved results and formulation of the updated goals.

Author: Alex Masterov

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