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Kochibo - Feeder regulation for poultry

Kochibo - Feeder regulation for poultry

Feeder “KoChiBo” – The Best Way to Your Success

Kochibo - Feeder regulation for poultry

KoChiBo - the innovative, effective poultry feeder

As the world's preeminent poultry feeder and cage designer and manufacturer, TEXHA has been pushing technology and driving innovation in the sector of broiler growing for decades. The new KoChiBo feeder system is the latest in a long line of concepts that have transformed the industry. Pan feeding that offers access to feed as early as possible facilitates bird growth. By lowering the edge, the KoChiBo system allows even very young chicks to feed as soon as they are able. The advanced W-shaped plate offers greater mobility and is capable of sitting deeper in the litter. The result is a far more consistent, 360-degree scattering pattern. The design is kept as simple, as easy to assemble and as easy to clean as possible: only six parts make up the construction of the feeder. The design incorporates elements that limit head movement and enables a greater feed concentration. In addition, this system is compatible with any feed type thanks to a specifically widened distribution aperture.

Straightforward application in practice

Installation is intuitive and requires minimal effort, and controlling the system is also easy and natural. Alongside these benefits, the system is also simple to disassemble, and it can be packed away for compact storage and transport.

High-grade materials

The materials used offer a great balance between elasticity and rigidity. The result is maximum durability - even when in flexion - that allows for the structure to resist deformation to an incredibly high degree. It can withstand normally hostile environments for feeders, including corrosive atmospheres. The system also holds up against high-pressure cleaning.

Adaptable hen feeders that minimise waste

Thanks to its well-produced design, this poultry feeding system can be adapted for both floor and cage broiler breeding. This means units can be re-purposed as need arises, making it an ideal option for feeding broilers in a variety of situations. There are also designs with 8 and 16 rays available.

Efficient feeder regulation

The KoChiBo broiler feeding system promotes rapid growth in very young birds, including day-old chicks. One of the key ways it does this is via its refined feeding regulation ability. From the first day in the life of the chick, the feeder system will guide its feeding behaviour and provide immediate access. The opening at the base can be adjusted to accommodate the chicken as it grows. The incremental way that this is done ensures a more tailored feeding structure that keeps loss due to scattering to an absolute minimum. You can join the ranks of several large agro-industrial companies and poultry farms already working with the KoChiBo poultry farm feeding system by ordering poultry feeding equipment online from the TEXHA website. The expansive application of TEXHA's chicken feeding systems among large-scale operations means units are available at extremely competitive market prices. Regardless of the size or scale of your business, get in contact with TEXHA today to organise a consultation.

Kochibo - Feeder regulation for poultry


-      a lower feeder edge allows a chicken to have access to the feed from its first days providing consequent growth of a bird and economizing start feed;

-      mobile W-shaped plate sits down deeply in litter providing 360-degree uniform feed scattering on all area of the feeder;

-      grating of the feeder prevents chickens from getting inside starting with the age of 10 days;

-      feeder consists of 5 elements, easy at assembling and cleaning;

-      a bent-off flange and special blades limiting bird’s ability to turnover its head prevent feed dispersing;

-      a wide diameter of distributor excludes feed hang-up and allows using any type of feed;

-      6 levels of feeder regulation allow increasing the volume of feed according to a bird’s age


-     Easy to install;
-     Easy and convenient control system;
-     Convenient in transportation due to the possibility of folding feeders in one single, easy to disassemble.

Kochibo - Feeder regulation for poultry
Kochibo - Feeder regulation for poultry


-     a singular formula of the material of feeders provides high durability and elasticity;

-     it is deformation-proof (during installation and transportation);

-     can bear corrosive atmosphere as well as high-pressure cleaning;

-     made of the environmentally friendly plastic.


-      universal at using of any forages;

-      can be used for floor and cage breeding of broilers;

-      variants with 8 and 16 rays of feeder grating are available for the different final weight of a broiler;

-      the optimum size and shape of the trough reduces the consumption of materials that reflects on the cost, while full compliance with the feeding norms is maintained

Kochibo - Feeder regulation for poultry
Kochibo - Feeder regulation for poultry


      KoChiBo feeder has an option of feeding regulation that is especially important for day old chicks (DOC’s). It facilitates search of feed and provides easy access to it in the first days of chicken’s life, consequently promoting rapid growth of a bird.

      With growth of a chicken depth and volume of the feeder can be increased by moving the feeder’s case concerning its bottom. It allows providing bigger amount of feed for poultry and reduces its loss because of scattering.

     You can purchase TEXHA-manufactured feeders for broilers having ordered it on our site. Among our regular customers there’s large number of the agro-industrial companies and poultry farms. This makes it possible for us to hold competitive low prices in the consumer markets. We wait for you among our clients!

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