Production of equipment for poultry farms
Robotized harvesting cage systems for poultry

Robotized harvesting cage systems for poultry

Robotized Bird Harvesting Equipment for Poultry Meet Production

Robotized harvesting Model Cage Systems for Broilers Growing

Robotized harvesting: the most modern, efficient way to cultivate broiler chickens

How does robotized harvesting work? In robotised broiler production, birds are housed in special cages before harvesting. These cages are designed to be pre-programmed and managed by technicians, without any human interaction required. When birds are fed, watered and harvested, there is no need for human staff to intervene. Advanced sensors, elevators and belts remove chickens when required, moving them from the feeding cage to easily accessible harvesting belts, where they are boxed and made ready for transportation. TEXHA is the world's leading manufacturer of robotised harvesting equipment. Everything is overseen by technical experts using specially developed applications, allowing managers to tightly control every part of the production chain.

Why introducing robotized bird harvesting is a smart idea

The benefits of using robotised bird harvesting can be massive. When companies move to modern poultry house techniques like robotisation, they start to see the injury rates of their birds plummet; it's not uncommon to see injury rates fall by half when automated harvesting is adopted. A modern poultry farm that uses robotized harvesting can also reduce its workforce. There is no need for large staff rosters to physically feed and water birds, remove manure and harvest broilers straight from their cages. Instead, the birds can be removed from an automatic broiler cage at a rate that suits the producer. This saves money on labour costs and raises efficiency as well, a win-win situation. Automated bird harvesting is kinder to the birds that are being harvested. Aside from the reduction in injury rates, birds are not harvested by human hands (which can raise stress levels). They are also harvested in darker, calming conditions. This results in higher quality meat and safer working conditions for your technicians. Finally, modern broiler farming techniques like robotisation can increase the capacity of poultry farming operations by 15%. Thanks to the efficiency and intelligent layout of TEXHA's automated harvesting stations, more birds can be housed in less space, without compromising on energy efficiency or animal welfare.

Robotized harvesting can revolutionise production systems

TEXHA's robotized systems cover every aspect of the production process. They include feeding, watering, manure removering, temperature control, bird harvesting, ventilation and lighting - allowing technicians to fine tune their systems to maintain optimal conditions for bird development and health. The implementation of this kind of modern broiler cage technology is designed to be as simple as possible, and TEXHA can provide technical advice and assistance. Poultry experts can liaise with your team, explaining how the various parts of the robotised bird harvesting system work and assessing the specific needs of different poultry farming operations. At the end of the process, your poultry production facility will have the most advanced bird harvesting technology available, raising efficiency and making it as profitable as possible. So if you want to enhance the bottom line of your poultry production facilities, get in touch with TEXHA and arrange a consultation to see what robotised systems can do for you.

To provide you with the solution which will meet all your business needs we have to know a little more about your expectations and goals. So, please, feel free to contact us by phone +380 44 364 2364 or by e-mail and ask about all the details of our products and conditions of supplies. You will get professional consultations from veterinaries-technologists and designers, installers and service personnel. As a result, you’ll get comprehensive information for making your decision about a purchase.   

Robotized harvesting cage systems for poultry

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Robotized harvesting cage systems for poultry



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