Production of equipment for poultry farms
Kochibo - Floor equipment for poultry feeding

Kochibo - Floor equipment for poultry feeding

Floor breeding equipment for broiler

3D ТУР Kochibo - Floor equipment for poultry feeding

Poultry feeding system KoChiBo for broiler growing

KoChiBo - TEXHA's state-of-the-art poultry feeding system for broiler growing

The KoChiBo feeder is the centrepiece of a range of floor equipment for broilers from TEXHA, reflecting all of the latest innovations and developments in the poultry industry. This high-tech feeding system meets the requirements of regulatory bodies around the world, making it an invaluable addition to poultry farms wishing to expand their business.

The next step in poultry feeding with KoChiBo

Developed by TEXHA's own expert in-house design team, the universal KoChiBo feeder is in full compliance with industry standards for broiler growing floor technology. It employs the most up-to-date processes to deliver a system that is extremely reliable and easy to install and maintain. The KoChiBo feeding pipe is made of high-quality steel with a galvanic covering, ensuring long-term durability. Its height can be adjusted so that it is equally suitable for newborn chicks and more mature birds. Simple to disassemble and clean, it is designed to scatter feed evenly at a rate appropriate to the birds' age, and it also has a grating to prevent chickens from getting inside the feeding area.

Kochibo - Floor equipment for poultry feedingHigh-tech solutions for the poultry industry

The KoChiBo is only one element in TEXHA's comprehensive set of equipment and services for broiler growing. The company's watering system is equally cutting edge. As well as ensuring that the birds get exactly the amount of water that they need to stay healthy, it can also be used as a delivery device for vitamins and medicine. The 360° drinking nipples are intuitive to use and easily accessible, even for very young chicks. In line with TEXHA's track record of innovation, the KoChiBo feeder is intended to work alongside a range of other advanced technology. This includes modern LED light sources, which are 10 times more energy efficient than some other standard forms of illumination. The lights come in rugged waterproof housing, and 24-hour ""sunrise/sunset"" cycles can be programmed, which are beneficial for the birds both psychologically and physiologically. Also available is an intelligent climate control system that enables farmers to regulate environmental factors such as air temperature, carbon dioxide, and humidity. As a result, it's now possible to create an optimal microclimate for the birds' growth and continued well-being. TEXHA's groundbreaking KoChiBo feeder can be fully automated. This can help customers improve workforce efficiency and gather data on many aspects of their business. TEXHA's automated services range in size and complexity depending on the buyer's needs. The company is happy to tailor these automatic systems according to the customer's specifications, as well as provide training on their use. If you're interested in installing the KoChiBo feeder and other floor equipment, you can learn more by getting in contact by email or calling +380 44 377 5267. TEXHA's award-winning customer service staff will be happy to offer an online consultation to ensure your needs are completely satisfied.

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Kochibo - Floor equipment for poultry feeding

3D image Feeder "KoChiBo"


Feeder “KoChiBo” for broiler


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