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Automatics of Constant Microclimate Support


TEXHA’s systems of automation control and microclimate regulation in the poultry house allow maintaining the comfortable temperature for poultry during any season. The systems are completed with controllers, which have all necessary functions for qualitative poultry growing. You should take into consideration the following parameters as:

- Humidity
- Pressure
- Quantity of carbon dioxide (CO2sensor)

In order to maintain the parameters given, the microclimate controller analyzes the outside temperature (humidity, wind speed and direction), temperature zones inside of poultry house and gives signals for turning on the necessary ventilation groups (heating), moisturizing panels, and also regulates the current valve.

The controller has a possibility to regulate a ventilation group with variable speed (up to four groups), which gives the significant advantage in the smoothness of microclimate control, and electricity consumption reducing. Frequency reformer is necessary for this option.

In order to increase the system flexibility, the possibility of combining the groups in the levels is foreseen. There are the following levels:

- Ventilation levels;
- Variable speed ventilation levels;
- Curtains and valves levels.

The controller also allows regulating:

- The feeding cycle;
- Light intensity;
- Water supply intensity.

The controller allows controlling of:

- Feed consumption;
- Water consumption;
- Weight of poultry;
- Microclimate parameters history;
- Accident operation history (250 events).

Production control is organized by software protocol. It allows connecting to 32 ventilation controllers with the possibility of distance control and technological processes regulation in each poultry house. It is possible to create a wireless connection.

All microclimate systems are equipped with emergency alarm with independent power supply.

Alarm going off:

- Absence of supply voltage;
- Emergency exceeding of parameters given;
- Emergency ventilation group disconnection etc.

On request the installing of uninterruptible power system is possible. The system opens current valves and mines in case of supply voltage disconnection.

Each poultry house needs equipment with different level of automatization. It depends on product capacity, available expenses and possibilities of a farm. To be able to respond to your needs we must receive from you some special information. Also, we are sure, you need more information from us about our products and features. Our high-quality specialists will provide you with it. Our phone number is +380443642364.

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