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Lightning system for poultry house and broiler farming | Texha

Lightning system for poultry house and broiler farming | Texha

Lighting system TEXHA

Lightning system for poultry house and broiler farming | Texha

TEXHA's innovative energy-saving technology products and industrial facility lighting considerably improve lighting and reduce energy expenses. TEXHA offers modern poultry house lighting systems in conjunction with inter-cage and inter-row systems with latest cage technology for excellent chicken growth.

TEXHA Company light system benefits:

  • The LED lamps energy consumption is ten times less than luminescent lamps and 2.5 lower than fluorescent lights.
  • The ""Sunrise/Sunset"" system's lighting regulation capability ranges from 0-100%
  • In compliance with international environmental requirements for premises with animals and birds, TEXHA systems do not contain mercury and other harmful substances.
  • The LED systems can be washed with high-pressure washing equipment and cleaning chemicals due to it's high level of protection from exterior influences (IP67 protection level)
  • The cost of installation is included in the price of lighting system

The LED Inter-cage lighting system for broiler rearing cage equipment

The system includes: lamp, controller, power block In order to optimize the lighting system and save more energy, modern hi-tech automated systems are applied. The advantages of the P-RLС-1LV-V2 0-10V 230 V controller include:

  • 99 lines available for programming
  • Each program line allows setting of day, time, specified percentage of lighting
  • Ability to switch on/off the lights on each floor

The LED lighting power block

The LED lighting system power block converts a 220 Voltage, 50Hz to DC voltage which is safer for both animals and humans at 24V for lighting LED lamps. Main Features:

  • In-built active power function to avoid network overload
  • Protection against short-circuiting, high-temperatures, and overloading.
  • Universal alternating current (AC) socket (~88-264V).

LED Inter-cage lamp (for broiler farming machinery)

Main Features:

  • High-class polycarbonate body
  • IP67 protection level
  • Standardized light in all cages
  • Light setting range from 0 to 100%
  • 50,000 hour service life
  • Voltage safety: 24V
  • 2700-3000k color temperature

LED Inter-row lighting system for poultry houses

TEXHA provides LED 6W PAL lamps for lighting poultry houses between batteries. They are automatic and have a remote control and dimmer system. It was produced to replace conventional 40 W luminous lamps and 13 W fluorescent lamps. By combining high-quality light-emitting diodes and pure aluminum parts a 72 Lm/W luminous efficacy is obtained. Moreover, its first-rate construction avoids overheating.

The LED Inter-row light system has two-channel digital illumination controller (RLD-14 Dimmer)

It is essential to avoid flickering and maintain the necessary lighting in poultry housing. RLD-14 Dimmer controls lighting via any analog 0-10 V output or through a communication link. RLD-14 Dimmer has a ""sunset/sunrise"" function and timer controls. Main Features:

  • Two separate channels with a powerful 4 amp triac
  • Automatic and manual mode for each channel
  • 1.4 KW, 230 V
  • Operates steadily even in low light
  • Settings can restored in cases of voltage malfunction
  • Supply cable has a power terminal
  • Waterproof cable seals

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