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Cage-free system EGGoist

Cage-free system EGGoist

The nests-and-slats system EGGoist increase commercial efficiency

3D image of one compartment

Cage-free system EGGoist

The nests-and-slats system EGGoist increase commercial efficiency.

TEXHA took a shot at well known floor system and applied today′s poultry technologies and innovations to create EGGoist concept for the cage-free layers management. This is the combination of re-designed equipment (including feeding, drinking, manure removal, egg collection, lighting systems and full automation), ventilation system and house structure you get from one supplier.

Four floors integrated in one house allow to achieve commercial efficiency and viability coupled with significant savings on construction.

To produce eggs under the sign of "cage-free" you need real cage-free poultry farm.

The large number of the layers should be transferred to another management systems, which will provide good conditions for welfare of layers. It will help to realize an idea of increasing cage-free eggs production. It must be a system similar in properties with rearing on the floor, where birds are not enclosed in cages, free in movement and proving of natural needs. All these circs need a lot of land for new buildings and entails high costs per a bird place.

In this regard, there is a need for equipment which will help to realize versatile tasks. It should be inexpensive, close to rearing hens on the floor, and also provide bird welfare.

Especially for big poultry farms planning to shift to cage-free TEXHA developed new construction and building technologies solution.

Tenfold increasing of laying hens in a house

We created poultry equipment based on the floor rearing. But unlike floor poultry management, two the most important systems are automated: manure removal system and egg collection. The main feature of new construction is number of floors within the walls of one building. Designers developed house with four floors. Each of it is equipped with all necessary systems for comfortable hens rearing.

This construction allows increasing tenfold the number of birds in the housing with the same parameters.

The poultry equipment is integrated in the house. Building is equipped with ventilation. This forms package system completely ready for efficient cage free egg production.

Support of the 5 FREEDOM criteria

EGGoist concept provides good conditions for hens making them free and healthy.
Hens in EGGoist provided in:
—Freedom from hunger and thirst
—Freedom from discomfort
—Freedom from pain, injury and disease
—Freedom to express normal behavior
—Freedom from fear and distress



Walk-in corridors allow house’s stuff to make daily checks with minimum interaction with a flock and get in to bird’s area only when needed.

Feeding system

Fully automated feeding system is designed to deliver fresh and uniform ration from external silo to each and every bird at all floors of the house. Fill-in feed transporters are featured with double augers run by separate motor drives in order to shorten bunker fill in time and service down time

Chain feeding system:  
   —18 m per min chain speed with slow start  
   —Winch able up to the ceiling for slat cleaning and manure belt technical maintenance  
   —Perch installed on top of trough to reduce feed contamination

Automated nests and egg collection

Single or double tiered nests are located in the middle of each floor and provide more than enough space for hens to lay eggs in conditions close to natural. Inclined and covered by Astroturf egg laying pads help to keep eggs from cracks, pecks, and dirt. Motor driven grates expel birds from nest boxes for night time.

500mm wide perforated polypropylene egg collection belts deliver eggs to house elevator unit, collection tables, or straight to cross conveyors.

Egg collection control box allows to run egg collection jobs both manually and by signal from farm’s central egg room.

Manure removal system

Manure is accumulated and evacuated by polypropylene manure belts located under each slat. Cross conveyor from each floor and house inclined conveyor take manure out of the house and bring it to a vehicle or manure storage. It helps to reduce ammonia levels to minimum and manage manure’s moisture.

Thanks to minimum contact of birds with manure most of health issues are eliminated.

The product we inform you about here is new at the market. That’s why you definitely have questions. And we are open to it! Don’t be hesitate to ask us! You will be aware of everything: possibilities of use, variants of parameters, prices, conditions of delivering and installation, maintenance and other services you may get from our company. How to contact us - by phone (+380443642364) or by e-mail ( - depends on you. We are in touch!


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