Production of equipment for poultry farms
Baltika Pullets

Baltika Pullets

Cage Free equipment for pullet growing

Baltika pullets

Cage Free equipment for pullet growing

With TEXHA you get more than just poultry management equipment:
        Egg production and pullet growing support (more efficient use of equipment)
        Supervising of your local installation team or fully turn-key installation by TEXHA
        TEXHA owned manufacturing, service and logistics centers for timely delivery of equipment and future maintenance and spare parts
        After sales service for the lifetime of the equipment
        Internationally approved certificates of conformity of materials and processes used.

BALTIKA 2 and BALTIKA PULLETS equipment satisfy US and EU requirements of laying hen management and pullet growing. Pullets placed in BALTIKA PULLETS will see and feel no dramatic difference when transferred to Baltika-2 cage free layer management equipment.

Texha features

The Pullet growing environment is similar to the Layer environment to ease the transition
        The chain feeding trough is standing directly on the mesh floor
        The height adjustable watering lines are equipped with nipple drinkers and drop catchers
        To guide the pullets to find feed and water as well as preventing pullets from resting under the equipment, LED lighting units are placed in every compartment and under equipment.
        Good air quality is obtained as most of the manure is removed out on a daily basis

Drinking system

TEXHA offers a reliable, effective and easy-to-use drinking system. It includes water treatment units and a system of distribution of water and drinking lines for each tier.
         the water treatment unit consists of filters, water flow meters, medicators, locking valves and pressure gauges.
         each drinking line is equipped with a pressure regulator, nipple drinkers of 360 degree action, and drop catchers.
         the height of line is adjustable to cater for the needs of the growing bird.
         Perching tubes are a part of water line assembly.
         nipple drinkers are factory mounted in the square section plastic pipe providing high quality of assembly and a superior tightness
         5.8m (19ft) long pipes are used to reduce the number of connections.

Feeding system

BALTIKA PULLETS feeding is carried out by an automated chain feed system which maximizes the feeding space available and makes uniform delivery of feed to each section of the equipment:         high quality flat steel chain with links
        when the feed from the hopper enters the troughs it is captured by the chain links and distributed evenly throughout each trough of the system
        the chain feed trough is placed right on top of the mesh floor to give the day-old-chicks easy access to the feed


Based on accumulated experience from different countries TEXHA offers in-house designed microclimate system for poultry houses. It is developed to match the specific climate zones and locally common designs of the poultry houses. Microclimate systems for growing pullets consist of the following components:         ventilation fans and inlets
        air cooling system (if needed)
It allows setting and fully automated maintaining of air temperature, carbon dioxide level, and air humidity in poultry house.


The automation system allows continuous data collection, managing and monitoring of the production processes in separate buildings as well as the entire poultry facility. TEXHA offers a wide range of equipment with various levels of automation and control of all poultry life-support systems. Our extensive experience makes it possible to offer you the best automation and control systems, considering your technical requirements, functionality and cost.

Manure removal system

BALTIKA PULLETS manure removal systems include the following:         manure cleaning polypropylene belt of 1.0 or 1.2 mm thickness
        homing stations with separate motors per each tier’s belt
        belt scrapers made of wear-resistant material
        tension stations with auger shafts to ensure cleanliness inside the belt
        cross and inclined conveyors
        floor scrapers to remove manure from areas under the equipment.

Lighting system

TEXHA lighting system includes the latest innovative solutions         LED lightning reduces 10-15 times the energy consumption compared to incandescent lamps and 2-3 times compared to luminescent and energy-saving lamps;
        TEXHA programmed sunrise/sunset function turns the illumination on and off without stress for pullets and layers.
        fully programmable and automatic control of illumination levels from 0 to 100%
        all systems are compliant with ecological requirements with no mercury or other harmful substances.
        The lighting system (IP67 rated) is easily mounted, maintained and can be washed down and disinfected.

Technical specifications

Number of tiers 3 3
Width 2400 mm 94.5 in
Depth 805 mm 31.7 in
Distance between tiers 654 mm 25.7 in
Feeding front 2400 mm 94.5 in
Height inside the compartment 508 mm 20.0 in
Area 1.93 sq.m 20.8 sq.ft
Number of nipples 8 8

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