Production of equipment for poultry farms
Cage equipment for layers management

Cage equipment for layers management

Poultry housing systems for layer management

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"If you want to improve the productivity of your egg production facilities, installing the right housing for your laying hens is crucial. With the right housing in place, you can deliver nutrients, control cage temperatures and remove eggs and manure efficiently, boosting egg production per hen. Poultry breeders across the world have discovered TEXHA's cage equipment for laying hens. Leading egg producers agree that TEXHA's cage products are among the best in the world, so find out what they can do for your operations.

A Specific Approach to Creating Poultry Housing Systems

When creating a poultry housing system, TEXHA takes into account the precise needs of every client. Specialist poultry farming technicians can attend your facility and carry out an assessment to determine:
— ways to optimize the health of your birds.
— Maintenance systems technology, enabling companies to reduce maintenance costs and ensure the smooth running of their hen house operations.
— How to manage climatic conditions on site to safeguard the birds' health and productive, as well as sanitary conditions.
— The optimum location for your poultry farm, relative to the landscape, water supplies, roads, and power supplies.

Use a Layer Cage System to Maximize Productivity

TEXHA specializes in installing layer cage housing for poultry farmers. These systems employ multiple tiers of cages, which allow companies to use the space in their facilities as efficiently as possible. Layered cages reduce the stress placed upon laying hens, making them more productive. They are also designed to include advanced longitudinal and transverse egg collection equipment which safely transports eggs from the base of hen houses to conveyor belts and sorting rooms. TEXHA's poultry cage equipment is also configured to maintain the health of birds without wasting resources. The hopper and chain feed system used in layer cages allows technicians to provide just the right quantities of food and water to each bird. Feeding can be automated, saving labor time and boosting energy efficiency as well. The climate in layer poultry farming systems can also be closely controlled in TEXHA's designs. Wherever you are based, TEXHA technicians can design the right ventilation, humidity controls, and carbon dioxide regulation equipment. They can also recommend lighting systems that use LEDs to radically reduce energy consumption. Everything can be monitored and controlled via advanced automation software. From climate and feeding to medication delivery and manure removal, farmers can keep track of their birds at an unprecedented level of detail and save money on labor in the process.

Install the Latest Poultry Layer Cages from TEXHA

Whether you need layer cages for adult breeders and layers, or you need a special cage for chicken breeding, TEXHA can work with your staff to come up with a poultry farming solution. Download the TEXHA catalog or contact a member of staff and discuss how the latest chicken house equipment can take your business forward.

All the questions you need to be answered you may ask by contacting our managers. You may call or send a message and state details of your needs. Our specialists with pleasure will give you comprehensive information about the opportunities you will get working with our company. We are waiting for your requests and questions. 

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Cage equipment for layers management

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650 objects

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31 701 749


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