Production of equipment for poultry farms
Cage equipment for breeders housing model

Cage equipment for breeders housing model

Equipment for hens and roosters parent stock maintenance

3D ТУР Cage equipment for breeders housing model

"Breeding operations are one of the most important aspects of a successful poultry business. Chicken breeders with full production cycles will generally have their own flocks of breeding hens and roosters, and TEXHA provides a full selection of housing options to enhance their productivity.

Maximize Breeding Productivity With the Right Housing Units

TEXHA's specialist housing units for parent flocks seek to ensure that all pullets are of a high quality so they can be used to replace adult livestock. To achieve this, conditions in the unit housing the parent flock need to be tightly controlled. TEXHA produces specialist equipment that can be used to separate a flock of hens and roosters or house them together. For joined housing, TEXHA supplies a cage design for 29 hens and 3 roosters. When separate housing is used each rooster is housed separately, while hens are also housed in units with 4-5 other hens per cage. Housing systems can be delivered with a range of extra functions. These include watering systems that can closely control hydration of breeder animals and administer medications. Feeding systems can also be installed to deliver the precise blend of nutrients your birds require, while egg collection systems can be installed to remove and sort eggs efficiently. Additional features include: climate controls, lighting, manure removal, and automation equipment. TEXHA cages are easy to use and have the following characteristics:

1.Chicken breeder houses are made of high quality steel and equipped with feeders and watering systems.
2.Every cage for breeders is adapted for easy and efficient cleaning that helps to house poultry in a sanitary environment.
3.They also include an additional feeder for roosters.


Create Tailored Breeders Housing Solutions for Your Poultry Business

Housing breeders in cages creates the optimal conditions to create a parent flock that has a positive impact on productivity. It is particularly important for increasing the productivity of egg production. TEXHA's cage construction has an adjustable perch and a comfortable shaded nest. This arrangement ensures the highest possibility of obtaining high quality hatching eggs, independently of which breed of bird is used. All cages are equipped with a protective galvanized shield which protects eggs from pecking and reduces the number of eggs lost. Additionally, parent flock cage housing promotes breeding programs that seek to maximize the genetic potential of your livestock. TEXHA's cages for laying hens also reduce the expenses of maintaining your poultry housing operations by enabling you to support the optimal microclimate in your poultry house. TEXHA's designs for cage equipment take into account the best practices, both of domestic and international breeders that work in the field of cross-breeding different bird varieties. They enable poultry breeding companies to boost their productivity and profits by making their parent flocks more productive and reducing maintenance costs. If you run a chicken breeder operation and are interested in installing a new housing system, contact TEXHA to speak with a member of the poultry breeding team or download the TEXHA catalog.

For more detailed information on the technical characteristics, please Catalogue pdf download the catalog

3D image of one compartment

Cage equipment for breeders housing model

Number of objects on which the equipment is installed:

65 objects

Number of bird places:

1 055 427

Countries in which our equipment is installed :

azerbaijan azerbaijan azerbaijan azerbaijan azerbaijan



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