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Cage Equipment for Broilers Growing Model

Cage Equipment for Broilers Growing Model

Automated Bird Harvesting Cage Systems for broilers growing

3D - TOUR Automated Bird Harvesting Cage Systems for Broilers Growing

Broiler Cage Description:

Combining the advantages of cage and floor technologies, TEXHA has created the ideal broiler farm equipment for broiler chickens growing. We offer three different unloading system cages for broilers: manual, automated, and the highly popular and effectively patented robot method. The meticulously designed broiler housing system allows poultry farms to receive up to 130 kg of live meat from one square meter of floor space during a single full cycle of cultivation. The installation of these broiler chicken cages makes it possible to increase broiler production capacity by 3 to 4 times compared with standard floor capabilities. The automated uploading system of birds then reduces the number of necessary service personnel, speeding up production in the unloading process. Lastly, the cage's low operating costs and longtime durability save you both time and money while growing broiler chickens. Depending on your production goals, TEXHA can assist you to find the most appropriate broiler cage systems to meet your needs.

Advantages of the equipment:

The broiler house equipment is made of a sleek stainless steel material with a first-class zinc coating (18-40mm). The reinforced carrying racks and galvanized fasteners are then applied to make the broiler cages stronger and more durable through-out the growing process. This equipment also assists in the automation of all technological processes related to the poultry house including: feeding, drinking, lighting, manure removal, and poultry processing. The innovative KoChiBo feeding system made of flexible and impact-resistant plastic provides feed to chickens from their first day of life to reduce the waste of feed and loss of space incurred during the foraging process. In addition, the cage's low operating costs can save you money by effectively reducing the electric energy consumed. When compared to incandescent lamps, your energy efficiency is improved 10 to 15 times when using the TEXHA cage; or 2 to 3 times when compared to luminescent energy-saving lamps. When combined with our other systems such as watering, feeding, or lighting you can also improve your overall functionality in terms of quality and cost.

Free services:

TEXHA gives customers the tools they need to make the collection and distribution processes of poultry as efficient as possible. These include flow charts documenting the production of meat and eggs, preparation of feed rations, poultry farm staff training, supervised work overview, and periodic monitoring of the operational functionality of the cage equipment. Equipment is delivered quickly and assembled accurately, in addition we offer personnel training in order to reach peak effectiveness. Additionally, TEXHA's lifetime guaranteed warranty service through the Technology Center provides complete technological support during all cycles of the broiler equipment's lifetime, including on-line consultation and the visiting of farms.

Additional services:

Every purchase also comes with a complete turn-key installation and after-sales support to ensure that your broiler equipment is safe, consistent, and efficient. TEXHA supplies not only the materials for electric installation work, but also conducts hardware diagnostics and preventive and scheduled repairs to ensure the smooth running of your broiler cage system."

Our team of professional designers-constructors, veterinaries, installers, and servicemen will give you all the information about our products and will consult you to help you with a choice. We’ll make you the most relevant propose according to your requirements and objectives. In the issue, you will get equipment which ensures smooth operation during 10-20 or even more years.

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Cage Equipment for Broilers Growing Model

3D image of one compartment

Cage Equipment for Broilers Growing Model



Cage Systems for broilers growin. Feeding system KoChibo


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