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Alternative cage system for laying hens housing | Texha

Alternative cage system for laying hens housing | Texha

Alternative System for Laying Hens management "BALTIKA" & "BALTIKA2"

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3D ТУР Alternative cage system for laying hens housing | Texha

Enriched colony systems

Enriched colony system

These enriched poultry cages are in complete compliance with European Standards and the authoritative livestock treatment regulations. The alternative cage system made by TEXHA contributes significantly to product quality increment. The extra space for the hen pasture ensures that the poultry's psychological health is well maintained, thus resulting in an improved quality and quantity of eggs. The optional cage system is fitted with nests, sand containers, perches and green spaces with grass, all of which makes a comfortable living space for the poultry. The poultry housing has 3 perches to give your birds more free range. In addition, it is furnished with the appliance for cutting claws. This system uses an innovative energy-conservation mechanism to cut down on any unnecessary outlays.

The Complete Set of Baltika Systems

Feeding System

TEXHA's optional system for laying hens, "Baltika", delivers bird food in to the cage via a mechanical chain feeding. This allows better, more efficient feeding of your poultry.

The Water System

The Baltika system for laying hens is outfitted with 4 upright chest-height sipping bowls with a 50 ml/min capacity, fitted with drop-collectors. A trench for droppings is installed beneath all the watering lines to prevent water dropping into the manure removal.

Egg Harvesting System

The Baltika system can be fitted with a lift or an elevator system for egg harvesting. Both systems work with on each other, to keep the number of eggs damaged to an absolute minimum. Additionally, there are 2 nests per cage that provide more privacy during egg laying, to help make the bird more restful.

Manure removal system

The manure removal mechanism ensures speedy manure removal from all the cage levels (1 engine on 5 levels). Due to it's well-thought out design, the system averts the unnecessary evaporation of ammonia and arranges for 65% moist manure removal in additional regularly planned clean-ups. This improves the microclimate of the chicken housing and the overall health of the birds.

Lighting system

TEXHA offers a highly durable interrow LED system which reduces operational costs. The consumption of electricity is effectively abridged by 10-15 times when weighed against the incandescent lanterns and by 2-3 times when compared with radiant and power-saving lamps. This TEXHA lighting system is ranked amongst the best in the world when it comes to poultry house lighting.


Having the right microclimate when rearing poultry is just as essential as having the right cage equipment, feeding or watering systems. The microclimate provided by TEXHA allows you to automatically regulate and control the air temperature indicators, amount of carbon dioxide and humidity in your poultry house.


All major technological processes (feeding, watering, lighting, manure removal, bird unloading) are automated in the TEXHA poultry farming equipment. Depending on wishes of the customer, TEXHA can offer the right equipment with varying levels of automation for bird life support systems. If you are interested in purchasing TEXHA alternative cage systems or would like to get more information, please do not hesitate to call us on +380 44 377 5267.

For more detailed information on the technical characteristics, please Catalogue pdf download the catalog BALTIKA Catalogue pdf download the catalog BALTIKA 2

3D image of one compartment Baltika

Alternative cage system for laying hens housing | Texha

3D image of one compartment Baltika 2

Alternative cage system for laying hens housing | Texha

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