Production of equipment for poultry farms
Buildings for poultry farms

Buildings for poultry farms

Buildings for poultry farms

Buildings for poultry farms

Many years of experience in cooperation with poultry farms, understanding of their needs, immersion in the specifics of poultry production have led us to launch a new line of activity - construction of buildings for poultry farms.

TEXHA offers the design, supply and installation of frames based on lightweight welded metal structures. Why we provide this solution? Because the construction of a chicken house in this way significantly shortens the construction time and increases the functionality of the object. We install buildings using the technology of rapidly erecting structures.

Our specialists are ready to develop a structural scheme of a frame made of metal structures that will be optimal for your conditions and will satisfy your requirements for the building of the poultry house. If necessary, we will offer you solutions for fire protection, as well as methods of increasing the resistance of the metal frame to corrosion.

Lightweight metal frames have several undeniable benefits that you should take on account when you are planning a new poultry house building:

  • there are no restrictions on the width of the spans, the grid of columns and the height of structures, so you can create objects of any shape and maximize the use of interior space;
  • there are no internal columns, and consequently, the usable space is increased;
  • due to the small weight of the structures, the load on the foundation is reduced, which saves the overall budget of the construction;
  • it is possible to mount a metal frame in any weather;
  • shortened construction time;
  • light metal structures have high seismic stability.

If these arguments convinced you and you decided that your new poultry house will be of a metal frame, then be sure to consult the professionals who will be responsible for the design and installation of the structure that is right for your conditions and production tasks.

TEXHA company for its part offers the supply of a complete building "turnkey", which includes the construction of the frame, wall enclosures, as well as the installation of technological equipment.

The base of the buildings we supply is a metal frame: rolling and welding elements of hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel; anti-corrosion protection - a two-layer coating with primer GF-021 with subsequent application of PF-115, a possible variant of hot galvanization by immersion in molten zinc or the application of alternative mixtures containing zinc.

Wall enclosures are three-layer sandwich factory-installed panels with heat insulation according to thermal requirements (PUR polyurethane heater, PIR polyurethane foam, mineral wool).

The degree of fire resistance of the metal frame buildings supplied by TEXHA is IIIa. It is achieved using steel profiled sheets in the enclosure, non-combustible mineral wool as a heater, and the use of low-combustibility insulation. The fire resistance of this insulation can be increased, if necessary, by applying refractory mixtures. The high performance of the panels will be retained.

We achieve the best performance in terms of energy efficiency and fire safety on the premises, thanks to the use of modern panel locks.

The cost of the frame of lightweight metal structures is formed based on individual calculation, considering climatic and technological loads, as well as customer requirements.

Are you interested in it? Please, contact our office for more information from our specialists: write to or call +380 44 364 2364.


Buildings for poultry farms

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