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Today's poultry farming enterprises can benefit from the trend towards automation, boosting efficiency, allowing for enhanced data collection and making it easier for managers to supervise the activities of workers. TEXHA's professional experts can implement automated poultry farming techniques at different levels, from small and simple to large-scale and complex. Automated systems apply to every aspect of the life support system of commercially farmed poultry.

Why You Should Choose Automated Poultry Farming Services

TEXHA has a simple approach to delivering automation systems: - First, professional designers will come up with plans that meet the specific needs of your poultry farm, taking into account your budget, size and environmental circumstances. - Automated chicken cage systems are installed that precisely fit the design agreed between Texha's staff and your business. - Technical training and full customer support is provided for all clients, enabling them to get the most out of their automated poultry farm. - A comprehensive guarantee applies to all equipment and post-guarantee service is provided to ensure that everything works smoothly. Automation is spreading across the agribusiness sector, and poultry farming is no exception. Every stage in the life cycle of poultry animals can be included in automated farming processes, and TEXHA will install equipment for rearing, layers and broiler chickens.

Market Leaders in Automated Chicken Cage Technology

TEXHA is at the forefront of delivering automated poultry systems, making raising the efficiency of farming operations. For example, technical services include automatic control of forage distribution. TEXHA's automation systems can distribute forage according to the weight, age and egg laying ability of individual birds and can be adapted for screw, hopper and chain feeding methods. The feeding system automatically logs the cost of feed on a daily basis, allowing customers to take control of their costs down to a minute level of detail. It also enables farmers to regulate the size of forage particles that reach their birds, helping to increase their weight more quickly.

Install Automated Manure Removal, Auxiliary and Egg Collection Systems

Customers can also implement automated manure removal and unloading systems and egg collection systems. Sophisticated machinery can sort eggs according to shape and colour and detect any blood impregnations. TEXHA's systems also take care of drying and disinfection of eggs, can weigh them using electronic scales and deal with the packing side of poultry farming operations as well. They can also be configured to mark the surfaces of eggs in a variety of ways, depending on your needs. TEXHA also provides auxiliary automated systems. If an emergency situation develops at your automated poultry farm, auxiliary systems will open stitched valves and shut down electronic systems, protecting birds from harm. They will also warn about low water levels, leading to effective action by technical staff. If you want to improve the health of your birds, produce eggs more efficiently and allow staff to work effectively, contact TEXHA to find out how automated poultry farming can help your business.

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