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TEXHA has extensive experience not only in design, manufacture and installation of poultry equipment, but also in design and construction of multilevel poultry house buildings. Upon the customer’s request, our expert industrial architects may design a suitable sheltered facility for poultry equipment. Customized construction design projects are developed according to the customer’s needs, local climatic and infrastructural conditions, architectural requirements and standards applicable to the industrial plants.

Poultry business owners often purchase equipment for installation at the ready-to-use facility, but year after year more and more companies are leaning towards turnkey service – complex facility construction for self-sustainable integrated plants. Such solutions are suitable for broiler meat production, chicken egg production, breeder and grandparent flock. Moreover, an incubator house and slaughter shop may be additionally constructed.

TEXHA offers construction of single-level and multi-level buildings for poultry equipment with integrated cage or Cage Free equipment for broiler farming, laying hen management, breeder and grandparent flock, as well as the buildings for egg grading and packing facilities.

In order to launch the project, the customer should provide the building design input and arrange ready-to-use concrete enveloped construction site for foundation. Foundation design input, building dimensional drawings and design documentation are developed and prepared by TEXHA.

The buildings are made of prefabricated panels installed on the structural steel frame. At the various stages of construction, the microclimate control system, ventilation system, water supply system, power supply system and other utility networks are integrated into the facility.

Construction benefits:

  •   Standardized and proven erection technology, where prefabricated panels are installed on the structural steel frame.
  •   High design and construction speed, 200 tons of structural steel per month on average.
  •   Convenient handling and well-though logistics.
  •   Low construction cost, ready-to-install panels with external siding, heat insulation and utilities.
  •   Single point service — design, delivery, installation, commissioning and start-up by single contractor.

Of course, we also install poultry equipment, such as battery cages, deep-litter and slatted-floor systems, feeding lines, drinking lines, litter-removal system, egg collection system for laying hens and harvesting system for broilers.

After construction completion, the facility is ready for use and operation. During the last stages of construction, we arrange training for technical and service personnel and get all the systems ready for operation.