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Modern Cage Free laying hen management system with automated feeding, drinking, egg collection and litter removal lines. The BALTIKA-4 system complies with the applicable US and EU poultry welfare standards. The hens live a comfortable life and are able to socialize naturally within the flock. The system designs enable the hens to move freely across all the battery cage tiers and within the inter-tier space. There are no partitions or doors, only an open space with comfortable perches and inter-tier passages.
The feeding and drinking systems supply the hens with sufficient quantities of feed and water. The feeding schedule and the feed quantity calculations are entered into the software, so the system is controlled by computer control in a fully automated mode.
Drinking line with plastic pipes and nipple drinkers equipped with the drop catchers constantly supplies the hens with clean potable water.
At each tier, there are automated shaded closing nests connected to the egg collection system. The eggs arrive at the perforated egg collection belt moving within the covered tunnel. The tunnel protects the eggs against contamination, damage and pecking by the hens. The elevator installed at the end of the row collects the egg from all the battery tiers and transfers them to the rod conveyor carrying the eggs to the grading table.
The litter removal system runs beneath the floor of each battery tier and automatically removes the litter from the facility. The plastic scrapers cleaning the litter from the poultry house floor are installed under the cage battery. Regular litter removal contributes to the proper hygiene at the facility and supports the good health condition of the flock.
BALTIKA-4 is a state-of-art system for production of excellent quality chicken eggs according to the EU and US standards.

Cage Free система содержания кур-несушек
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