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Agroprodmash International Exhibition – 2021
TEXHA is taking part in 26th Agroprodmash International Exhibition – 2021 «Equipment, Technology, Raw Materials and Ingredients for Food and Processing Industry»

Venue: Central Exhibition Complex «Expocenter», Moscow
Dates: October 4–8th, 2021
TEXHA booth ТЕХНА: № 21С40, hall 1, pavilion 2

Annual exhibition of equipment, machines and ingredients for the food and processing industry. Manufacturers of equipment for the agroindustrial sector are demonstrating the best global achievements, promoting the implementation of modern technologies in the food and processing industry.
At the exhibition, our company will be represented by the Chief Commercial Officer, top managers and regional representatives.

This year, we are demonstrating our new designs for poultry farming:

  • JUNIOR-2 — modified broiler cage with shifting bottom.
  • EGGoist — advanced Cage Free for slatted floor laying hen farming at the Multifloor multi-level facilities.
  • New litter removal belt by TEXHA.

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Agroprodmash International Exhibition - 2021
Agroprodmash International Exhibition - 2021
Agroprodmash International Exhibition - 2021
Агропродмаш–2021 гости
Agroprodmash International Exhibition - 2021

New Cage Solution — JUNIOR-2

In 2021, the JUNIOR multi-purpose battery cages were significantly upgraded. The new JUNIOR-2 cage is specially designed for broiler farming and combines the advantages of JUNIOR and AUTOMAT solutions. Due to the new shifting floor design, the manual poultry unloading is not only required, since the process is implemented in the semiautomatic mode. Now it is enough just to move the cage bottoms one by one, so the birds arrive on the moving litter removal belt. The broilers are then carried by a special conveyor belt to the SIRIUS harvesting table. The semi-automatic unloading saves a lot of time and manpower, and the birds do not suffer stress or lose weight during the unloading process.

EGGoist Multilevel Poultry Plant

This is a new and unique development by TEXHA, that currently has no analogues in the world. The EGGoist is a sealed, multi-level poultry plant with spacious enclosures, The plant uses the slatted floor technology and has integrated life support, litter removal and egg collection systems on each level. The building is constructed of prefabricated panels on a preliminary prepared concrete foundation. All systems and utilities are installed at the construction stage. Optimal microclimate conditions are maintained inside the building by a powerful ventilation and temperature regulation system. All these benefits drive cost savings on construction and the general microclimate management. The multi-level solution also supports construction of the several aviaries on the single land plot. The EGGoist solution complies with the international poultry welfare requirements, so the resulting products are approved for import into the U.S. and EU countries.

Litter Removal Belt

New 2400-mm-wide litter removal belt is manufactured by TEXHA using the top quality primary raw materials. The advanced manufactured technology and the state-of-art equipment installed at the factory allow production of the wider litter removal belts. Such belts are perfect for cage-free solutions with greater module depth, as well as for slatted floor solutions with litter removal process automation. TEXHA is among only a few companies in the world able to produce belts of such format.

Agroprodmash International Exhibition - 2021 cage for broilers
Agroprodmash International Exhibition - 2021
Agroprodmash International Exhibition - 2021 cage
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