Production of equipment for poultry farms

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Broiler meat production in the world

The dynamics of production and consumption of poultry volumes in countries with developed poultry farming was investigated, the most powerful exporters and importers of broiler meat were identified, high probability of geographical shifts in poultry farming industry and certain changes in external trade were foreseen.

Evaluation of in-cage broilers cultivation technology considering new realities

Poultry farming, as the most knowledge-based and dynamically developing branch of agro-industrial complex, has the best chance to make a contribution in the next decade in the world's population with food. The special role is given to the poultry meat farming.

Comparative efficiency of chiken farming

The long experience of conducting broiler production in Russia and other countries of the world testifies that its further development and competitiveness are possible only at widespread introduction of the resource-saving technologies allowing using the genetic potential of a bird as much as possible.

The Eternal Poultry Farmer Question ‘Cage or Floor’ Gets Answered

How to raise the facility of the broiler poultry farm without widening industrial areas and reducing the expenses for broiler meat production?

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Broilers Growing
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