Production of equipment for poultry farms

The production capacity of our company

The largest Ukrainian poultry equipment manufacturer

TEXHA is an innovative, modern poultry equipment manufacturer based in Ukraine. The company's expert staff are available to advise poultry companies across the world about how to set up or remodel their operations, and can recommend a wide range of the latest technologies to boost productivity. TEXHA is one of the largest poultry equipment companies in the world, and operates three production locations. One facility is located in Novograd-Volynskyi, in the Zhytomyr region; another is located in the village of Grebinky, in the Kiev region; while the final plant can be found in Belarus, which borders Ukraine. These production centres work in tandem, and manufacture innovative poultry cages and monitoring products. Each facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure that every single product meets the highest international standards, minimising the risk of flaws, and delivering customers a reliable service. They are also highly productive, possessing the capacity to manufacture up to 17 full sets of poultry processing equipment every week. It all adds up to one of the world's most advanced and productive poultry equipment manufacturers.

TEXHA: Cutting-edge poultry cage manufacturers

TEXHA's three plants are capable of producing an extremely wide range of products, including equipment designed for poultry meat production, egg production, microclimate monitoring, maintaining appropriate light levels, automating manufacturing processes and repairing faulty equipment. This production capacity has enabled TEXHA to expand across the world. The company has now completed over 1,200 projects, creating the capacity to process 60 million hens, in 33 countries. The geographical reach of TEXHA is testament to their ability to create poultry houses and cages that suit varying climates and working cultures. However, TEXHA's production department does not work in isolation. They are backed by an award-winning design team that creates custom installations, taking the needs of different clients into account at all times. There is also a highly skilled service team, who work face to face with clients and handle any maintenance issues if they arise. The result is a rarity among poultry equipment companies: TEXHA can work with clients from the start of their projects, through the design phase, manufacturing, installation and maintenance. At every stage, skilled technicians will support clients, enabling them to make the most out of their poultry processing equipment.

TEXHA manufactures poultry equipment clients can rely on

Above all, TEXHA's manufacturing capabilities are of the highest quality. Clients can be assured that the cages, belts, temperature monitors and automated systems they purchase will function as described, delivering the benefits promised. The company has won awards for innovation at VIV Russia, was recognised with the award for ""best service"" at AgroFarm 2013, while their cages with automated manure evacuation received the ""best product"" award. Additionally, all equipment is certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards, and TEXHA rigorously adheres to high production guidelines in every plant. If you are looking for reliable, advanced poultry production equipment, contact TEXHA and find out how your projects can benefit from TEXHA's production capabilities.

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