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Sirius - Oval harvesting table for broilers loading | Texha

Sirius - Oval harvesting table for broilers loading | Texha

Revolution technologies - OVAL HARVESTING TABLE "SIRIUS"

Sirius - Oval harvesting table for broilers loading | Texha

Enhance productivity by investing in harvesting tables

The Sirius oval harvesting table from TEXHA offers a simple, efficient way to harvest broiler chickens for commercial poultry farming operations. Bird harvesting is a key chokepoint in commercial poultry production. Inefficient belts and delivery systems can result in the need for excessive staff numbers and reduce the number of chickens processed per worker. The Sirius harvesting table offers a solution to these problems. When companies use this technology, 4-6 technicians can work at any one time on poultry harvesting tasks. Each Sirius table has dimensions of 3.5 x 2.3 x 1.3 meters. The unit is oval in shape, with a solid metal frame underneath the belt, and wheels to enable users to position the unit wherever works best for them. The belt speed is a constant 24 metres/minute, resulting in 3.5 revolutions of the belt - the ideal speed for smooth harvesting and packaging operations. At full load, the Sirius belt can deliver up to 132 birds at the same time (330 kg). The unit is powered by a three-phase electric drive motor with a capacity of 0.37 kW, and it has a power rating of 350 V, which should be suitable for all sizes of poultry harvesting operation. The aim of TEXHA's harvesting table is simple. With its intuitive design, it will allow technicians to have unprecedented access to poultry as it is delivered. Birds can be easily moved from the belt to boxes in a seamless transition. At the same time, TEXHA tables are engineered to be durable and reliable, meeting the highest international standards. With that level of reliability, they will allow poultry technicians to work more productively for years into the future. TEXHA's bird harvesting table is a new innovation in commercial production, and holds the potential to rapidly increase the profitability and efficiency of small, medium and large-scale producers. It has already been tested by Tyson Foods' Chinese operations, with beneficial results, and is being introduced in poultry houses across the world.

Make harvesting tables part of an efficient processing operation

While the Sirius oval harvesting table represents a significant innovation in its own right, TEXHA can also offer a suite of different technologies that work in combination to enhance poultry harvesting efficiency. For example, companies can introduce TEXHA's robotised bird harvesting centres, automated climate control systems, manure evacuation belts and KoChiBo floor feeders. When they are organised in complete poultry processing chains, these products cut waste, improve productivity and enable producers to control every aspect of the production process. To successfully organise a commercial poultry factory, every link in the production chain must function properly. By investing in harvesting tables, producers can ensure that the final stage in the production process runs smoothly, allowing them to focus on perfecting conditions throughout the rest of the chain. Find out how Sirius harvesting technology can contribute to the efficiency of your poultry processing operation by contacting TEXHA's technical team to arrange a consultation.

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