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Cage-free system Multifloor | Texha

Cage-free system Multifloor | Texha

The nests-and-slats system Multifloor increase commercial efficiency

Baltika 2 - Cage-free alternative system for laying hens | Texha

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TEXHA is well aware of changing consumer trends. There are those who are willing to fork out more in order to eat products from birds living in a cage-free system. The cage-free Baltika 2 has been developed through a concerted effort of industry experts. It has taken into account various types of certification that qualify the cage-free poultry equipment.

Benefits of Free Range Egg Equipment Implementation

Free range equipment recreates the natural conditions in which birds live. However, it may not be possible to practice free range farming on a large scale. For one, the number of workers needed to keep track of such chickens would be huge. Additionally, changing seasons means that a farm would only be able to raise chickens at certain times of the year. Due to the impracticalities of rearing free range chickens all year round, the Baltika 2 is the best alternative. Essentially it brings the outdoors indoors. The chickens are still able to do all that they would if they were able to roam outside. For instance, they are able to fly and stretch out their wings. In addition, the birds can engage their natural instincts of pecking and scratching. The Baltika 2 system comes with specially designed bird nests. These nests give chickens the privacy and comfort they need when laying eggs. The result is that chickens are psychologically healthy and the egg quality is improved. In most instances, farms that use this system have experienced an increased level of productivity from each chicken and the chickens stay viable for a long time. The free range layer management systems qualify one for certain types of certification. It is also an important requirement if a farm wishes to benefit from the niche market of those who actively seek product promoting the better treatment of poultry. The result is that a farm can sell its eggs at a higher price. Thus, any perceived losses because of less chickens per unit area are recouped. The free range poultry equipment is mandatory for any farm that has Food Alliance certification.

Other Benefits of the System

The Baltika 2 system allows using of automated ventilation systems. It ensures that temperature and humidity within the building are kept at optimal levels for the chickens. It is also fitted with an efficient system for handling manure. Thus, it reduces the possibility of eggs being contaminated. In addition, it ensures that the birds live in the cleanest environment. With such a system, identifying a sick bird is easier. Thus, it can be separated from the rest before infection spreads. The risk of infections spreading is also quite low. The good ventilation that birds enjoy ensures that airborne contaminants cannot easily spread from one bird to another. The result is that in the case of illness, the farmer will suffer less.


The Baltika 2 system is a complementary system where a farm greatly benefits for this method of treating their poultry. TEXHA has designed the system to be durable and easy to install. Find out more about TEXHA products by downloading our catalogue.

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Compartment dimensions   2500 x 1830       98.4 x 72.0     
 Tier-to-tier height         734                           28.9
 Number of tiers    2, 3, 3+3
 Number of nests      2
 Number of perches      7
 Feeding        flat chains
 Watering        nipple drinkers with drop catchers 
 Lighting        LED units 

Complete set

Feeding system Feeding system

 The intercage feeding system with use of an innovative feeding trough of KoChiBo is installed in the cage equipment for broiler farming by TEXHA. 

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Watering system Watering system

  Depending on the equipment type in the cage for broiler farming, one or two watering lines regulated by height with 3 nipples on each are installed. Nipples possess 3 degrees of freedom (360 °) and with a productivity of 80 ml/min.

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System of bird unloading System of bird unloading

   A completely automated system of bird unloading, an innovative technology by TEXHA that has no analogs in the world, is installed in the cage equipment for broiler farming by TEXHA. 

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Manure removal system Manure removal system

   The manure removal system in the equipment for the management of laying hens by TEXHA allows to clean manure quickly and efficiently at once from all levels (1 engine on 5 levels). Thanks to its thought-over design, the opportunity of 65% humid manure removal, timely cleaning and the corresponding consistence of a manure, the excessive evaporation of ammonia is prevented, promoting the improvement of a healthy microclimate in a poultry house.

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Lighting system Lighting system

   TEXHA offers interrow LED system in which all innovative achievements of world poultry farming are considered to light poultry houses with the cage equipment for the management of commercial flock of laying hens. 

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Microclimate Microclimate

   The microclimate during the farming and maintenance of a bird plays not less important role than the cage equipment, feeding or watering systems. The system of microclimate providing by TEXHA allows to control and regulate automatically the air temperature indicators, amount of carbon dioxide and humidity in a poultry house.

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Automation Automation

   In the equipment for broiler growing by TEXHA all major technological processes (feeding, a watering, lighting, a Manure removal, bird unloading) are automated. Depending on wishes of the customer TEXHA can offer the equipment with various extent of automation of bird life support systems.

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