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Egg collecting lift system

The benefits of using TEXHA's egg collecting lift system are efficient, economically sound, and most of all healthy. This egg collecting design philosophy includes features such as a strict observance of biological safety standards, a decrease in labor input during the collecting and sorting process, and a dedication to decreasing the stress of the birds during the collection process. Through a system of longitudinal and cross-tape conveyor belts, this system of lift egg collecting has the ability to smoothly regulate egg collecting speeds and reduce egg damage in one, easy and streamlined machine. The lift, which acts as an elevator during collection, can be installed in the cage equipment and is guaranteed to be reliable and precise throughout the entire egg transporting process. The lift egg collecting conveyors turn on by levels while the cross conveyor, a non-working level at the top floor, can be set in the starting position on any floor. The egg slowly moves upwards via the inclined conveyor from floors where it is then picked up for egg collection. These tape conveyors have a smooth and consistent speed which is controlled by specialized personnel who adjust the incline and cross-conveyor belts for speed in incremental steps, which is very important to prevent egg breakage during the elevator system of egg collection. During the collection process, a brush is also used to clean the belts and remove any damaged eggs. This protects the quality of the rest of the eggs and ensures a smooth egg-collecting process.

Elevator system of egg collecting

The elevator system of egg collection is a simple, compact, and highly efficient piece of equipment that increases overall productivity. The elevator system gives you the ability to take eggs from any height during collection and then transfer them for manual sorting, packaging, and to other egg transporting systems. TEXHA produces two types of elevator systems of egg collection: the off-battery universal elevator and the elevator cross-system. The universal elevator is most suitable for flexible egg transportation and is favored for its low prime-cost making it economically favorable, while the elevator-cross system works best for rooms lacking in space.

Egg transportation through rod-shaped conveyors

Applying rod-shaped conveyors connects all of the poultry houses during the egg collection process via a uniform and accessible system of egg transportation and storage. This flexible system allows for centralized egg-storage and increased communication between different sectors of the egg transportation process. The existence of intermediate drives also helps to modernize the system of egg transportation. These systems carry out the sorting of eggs from all poultry houses into one specialized room and remove the unnecessary stacking of eggs on trays, boxes, or containers which increase the chances of the eggs breaking. The rod-shaped conveyor systems also work to exclude the use of motor transport in the course of delivering eggs to storage rooms. As a result, the flexible egg transportation system increases the distance available for transportation between market and production points."

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