Production of equipment for poultry farms

Egg Production

"The process of egg production can be made more efficient by using TEXHA's state of the art equipment. In addition, the chicken egg production machinery can lead to increased efficiency, freeing up workers to focus on work elsewhere on the poultry farm. All of this results in reduced costs for your farm.

Types of Cages

TEXHA produces a number of chicken eggs production systems. All of these cages are designed to meet the highest standards while simultaneously offering the farm economic benefits. The first type of cage available is the basic layers cage. The layers cages are available in standard, premium, and universal configurations. Another type of cage is the enriched system. It also goes by the name Baltika. This caging system is built to meet strict European standards of poultry egg production. A system combines the benefits of a cage system with those of alternative housing for egg laying hens. The advantage here is that poultry have more space to roam about and stretch. The increased space for the birds guarantees that they are in a good psychological state. As a result, this leads to better egg laying quality. This egg production equipment comes with sand containers, artificial grass zones, and nests. The cage system also has claw-abridgement devices to ensure comfort for the chicken. In addition, it has three perches for the birds to rest on stress-free. The Baltika 2 system offers more comfort for the egg layers poultry. The system allows the birds to fly, stretch, and scratch. The system has a number of benefits. By using it, egg producers qualify for a number of special categories such as free range and cage-free eggs approved by selected countries globally. Thus, one could fetch a higher price for eggs if they are produced using this system. The certification that comes from using this system can be quite economically beneficial. There are also breeder cages available. These cages ensure that birds can breed comfortably and in an efficient manner. There are two types of cages for breeder stocks: the joined and the separate housing options. These cages are fitted with protective designs to prevent the birds from pecking the eggs, resulting in a higher quality production of eggs for breeding.

Egg Handling Equipment

TEXHA offers both collection and transportation egg equipment. It is done to ensure that the farm's egg collection takes the least time possible. The egg collection machines come in either elevator or lift systems. Both of these systems work efficiently according to each farm's individual needs. The Elevator system is well suited to small farms that are in need of an efficient egg handling mechanism. Egg transportation is done via the use of rod-shaped conveyors. The conveyors ensure minimal damage to the eggs while helping to sift out any dirt. TEXHA also offers a range of egg sorting equipment. It ensures that the farm can deliver the quality of eggs that consumers expect.

Always Choose TEXHA's Equipment

TEXHA takes pride in producing high-quality chicken egg farm equipment. The machines are designed to give a farm value for money in the shortest time possible. The company's main driving force is giving its customers the highest level of satisfaction.

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